Monday, January 30, 2012


Mon- 9m (1:05) W/ Eric and Derrick. Felt surprisingly good today was expecting to be hurting from yesterday/the weekend.
Tues- 10+ (1:11:31) W/Eric..Spoke to soon yesterday felt pretty tired today, i guess still recovering. Other then that good day.
Wed- 10.85 (1:11:11) W/Eric..Only putting the full distance because we you this as a staple uptempo run, last 2 miles (11:44)
Thurs- 0m.. today was a planned off day with a work function felt good to relax for a day
Fri- 10m (1:12:54) Nice and relaxed, good way to start back after a day off.
Sat- Am 6m (44:20)
Pm 5m+ (38:06)
Sun- 19m ( winter series 10m) 58:13 - Today was the winter series 10m pretty low key race, I felt good first time going down to flats for any of these races. I was in no mans land shortly after the mile as Eric,Tom and Justin pulled away pretty quick. It was nice to be out there with some good conditions, I ran pretty even after the first mile were I did exactly what i told my self not to do. In going out with the leaders we hit the mile in 5:20 so i backed off a bit the next 9m were all right around 5:50 pace which felt pretty relaxed. Overall I was pretty happen to get this in with DH Jones 3 weeks away and knowing i will have people to run with I think i could be in contention of a PR day (depending on the conditions of the course)

Total- 70m (6days)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Where : Shen High

Who: Eric and Myself

WorkOut : 3x2mile (about 35 seconds short of 2 miles)

Times: 11:30/11:10/11:07

Overall: Felt really good today other then my ankle feeling tight on the recovery jogs about .5m. We had some snowy conditions for the workout but figured we would get the effort in, found out it was easier to run in the snow then in tire marks by the cars. Shen seems to be a good place to workout you have the option of the track or follow the "trail" aka (side walk) that has every quarter marked. After the 2nd interval i almost bagged it due to i was struggling to do the recovery jog with my ankle. I stopped and stretched it out and decided i wasn't gonna ruin a good workout for my ankle acting up. Got home iced it and just need to keep a eye on it.
Finally adjusted to the mileage and beginning to feel strong.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Mon - 8+ (1:06:40) Nice and easy run, still very sore from yesterday. The plan was to keep it very easy today which we did.
Tues- 10+ (1:10:23) Comfortable run, got a later start due to I had a late meeting (that work thing) Feeling much better then yesterday. we are thinking of a workout on thursday.
Wed - 11m (1:12:16) Felt good today, we got out before the sun went down today so got the first 6-7m in some day light. We got after it a bit the last few miles.
Thurs - 11m+ (workout)
Fri - 5m (40:00)
Sat- 13m (1:27:33) in putney w/ Fyffe and Ferenc
Sun - 19m (2:07:39) W/ Najem ,Fyffe , Ferenc and Hammett.

Total - 77m

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Series 30k

Today was the 4th winter series race, woke up at 7:30 listened to some Biggie made breakfast had a bagel with honey. Packed my cloths for the brisk 15 degree weather (real feel 22) got ready to leave around 8..after a few complications we were of (AKA battery died on my car) Myself and Eric drove down to albany. At 10am we lined up for the race, all 3 races start at the same place 3m,15k and 30k so it takes a bit of time to figure out who is in your race. After about a mile it was pretty clear who was in the 30k, I was with the leaders thru the mile and backed off a bit after that as my plan was to pick it up each lap on the 3 lap course with a hope to average 6:30 pace. The majority of the first 9-10m , at ten i caught up the the 4th place person we were 60:12 at 10m and i was feeling pretty strong over the next 3 miles i was able to catch up to the leaders and shortly after the half I took the lead. At this point i was feeling really smooth, when i reached mile 15 i started to feel a bit tired and was wishing that i had a GU at this point. 15-16 was my slowest mile of the day 6:31 just after 17m i got caught i tried to keep him close but he had more in the tank at this point then i did. I was happy to see that once i did get caught my next mile was 6:14 and held the same pace for the final .67, I ended up finishing 2nd overall in a time of 1:53:14 (6:03 pace) which was a huge confidence booster. This was my first marathon type workout and it seems that i am heading in the correct direction.

Eric ran the 15k (20k) he and Justin Wood got sent the wrong way and ended up running extra. From what i saw of the race they looked very smooth. Overall it was a good day and a sold way to finish off another 70m week.

Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16 - 1/22

Mon- 11m (1:18:48) w/ Eric another exploring run went and found some nice quite roads in some neighborhoods. Started out pretty relaxed then picked it up a bit towards the end.
Tues - 7m (54:23) w/ Eric..we both felt pretty tired today decided to take it easy. Got lucky as it rained most of the day but was clear while we were out running.
Wed - 10+ (1:10:31) w/Eric started out pretty easy picked it up throughout the run last few miles were @ 6 low pace...Felt good to turn it over.
Thurs - 10m (1:09:21) w/Eric..We went on another exploring run both of us were feeling a bit sluggish..Overall I was pretty happy with the run even for feeling a bit sluggish we still held a good pace.
Fri - 0m - had a work function didn't get home till 10
Sat- Am 5.5 (44:17)
Pm 6.5(49:46)
Sun- Am - Winter series 30k (18.67m)
Pm - 3m (23:43) Nice easy shake out

Total- 71m (6days)

Overall- Solid week got a couple good progression runs. 1 good race ran better then i thought i would was hoping for 6:30 pace, seems the mileage is starting to pay off. Next week will be much of the same as this week progression runs and 70-75m for the week.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Mon- 10m (1:16:32) W/Eric..Nice easy recovery run from the weekend legs still a bit sore.
Tues- 10m (1:11:57) W/ Eric..Started out @7:30 pace worked down to low 6 for the last 2-3
Wed- 9m (1:08:59) Hill repeats 10x350 meters. Legs felt heavy at the start but once we got going started to feel good.
Thurs - 11m (1:18:12) Started out easy first 5 was 39-40m got in a good grove the last 6 felt good.
Fri- 11m (1:14:37) W/ Eric and Derrick had a good clip going from about 2-7 then relaxed from 7-10 and picked it up for the last half mile. felt good
Sat- 9m Had the plan to do a work out 3 x mile. Got into the first one and felt tired after the second i decide to bag it and jog back to the finish to meet with Eric and jog home. I'm not to worried about the struggles with the workout this is the 2nd week of higher mileage and my body is still adjusting.
Sun - 15m (1:45) W/ Eric, Tom and Andrew. Looped around albany then added on with some loops around the state campus. Good run started out it was -1 when we ended it was between 7-8...never thought 7-8 would feel nice...or at least nicer.

Total - 75m

Overall- Another good week, Second at 70+ had a bit of a struggle with the workout on Saturday but it was expected with the recent increase in mileage. The next 2 weeks I am going to skip doing any conventional workouts i.e. (hills,speed,intervals) I will keep up with doing pick-ups during the training runs and throw some tempos into the mix till I feel adjusted to the miles. The plan for next week is much of the same 75m

Monday, January 2, 2012


Mon- Am 5m 35:27
Pm 5m 31:44
Tues- 3m 19:51 (couldn't get warm)
Wed-9m 10x250 hill repeats ( 52/52/51/51/52/52/48/46/46/46) Felt really good
Thurs- 10m (1:07)
Fri- 5m (34:09)
Sat- 13m (17:01 5k- ran even the whole race just had no speed..another good work out and got in the miles
Sun- 15+m (1:45:21) Felt good another nice day out. Lifted upper after
Pm 6m (42:47) with Eric

Total- 71m