Thursday, January 26, 2012


Where : Shen High

Who: Eric and Myself

WorkOut : 3x2mile (about 35 seconds short of 2 miles)

Times: 11:30/11:10/11:07

Overall: Felt really good today other then my ankle feeling tight on the recovery jogs about .5m. We had some snowy conditions for the workout but figured we would get the effort in, found out it was easier to run in the snow then in tire marks by the cars. Shen seems to be a good place to workout you have the option of the track or follow the "trail" aka (side walk) that has every quarter marked. After the 2nd interval i almost bagged it due to i was struggling to do the recovery jog with my ankle. I stopped and stretched it out and decided i wasn't gonna ruin a good workout for my ankle acting up. Got home iced it and just need to keep a eye on it.
Finally adjusted to the mileage and beginning to feel strong.

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