Monday, January 9, 2012


Mon- 10m (1:16:32) W/Eric..Nice easy recovery run from the weekend legs still a bit sore.
Tues- 10m (1:11:57) W/ Eric..Started out @7:30 pace worked down to low 6 for the last 2-3
Wed- 9m (1:08:59) Hill repeats 10x350 meters. Legs felt heavy at the start but once we got going started to feel good.
Thurs - 11m (1:18:12) Started out easy first 5 was 39-40m got in a good grove the last 6 felt good.
Fri- 11m (1:14:37) W/ Eric and Derrick had a good clip going from about 2-7 then relaxed from 7-10 and picked it up for the last half mile. felt good
Sat- 9m Had the plan to do a work out 3 x mile. Got into the first one and felt tired after the second i decide to bag it and jog back to the finish to meet with Eric and jog home. I'm not to worried about the struggles with the workout this is the 2nd week of higher mileage and my body is still adjusting.
Sun - 15m (1:45) W/ Eric, Tom and Andrew. Looped around albany then added on with some loops around the state campus. Good run started out it was -1 when we ended it was between 7-8...never thought 7-8 would feel nice...or at least nicer.

Total - 75m

Overall- Another good week, Second at 70+ had a bit of a struggle with the workout on Saturday but it was expected with the recent increase in mileage. The next 2 weeks I am going to skip doing any conventional workouts i.e. (hills,speed,intervals) I will keep up with doing pick-ups during the training runs and throw some tempos into the mix till I feel adjusted to the miles. The plan for next week is much of the same 75m

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