Monday, January 30, 2012


Mon- 9m (1:05) W/ Eric and Derrick. Felt surprisingly good today was expecting to be hurting from yesterday/the weekend.
Tues- 10+ (1:11:31) W/Eric..Spoke to soon yesterday felt pretty tired today, i guess still recovering. Other then that good day.
Wed- 10.85 (1:11:11) W/Eric..Only putting the full distance because we you this as a staple uptempo run, last 2 miles (11:44)
Thurs- 0m.. today was a planned off day with a work function felt good to relax for a day
Fri- 10m (1:12:54) Nice and relaxed, good way to start back after a day off.
Sat- Am 6m (44:20)
Pm 5m+ (38:06)
Sun- 19m ( winter series 10m) 58:13 - Today was the winter series 10m pretty low key race, I felt good first time going down to flats for any of these races. I was in no mans land shortly after the mile as Eric,Tom and Justin pulled away pretty quick. It was nice to be out there with some good conditions, I ran pretty even after the first mile were I did exactly what i told my self not to do. In going out with the leaders we hit the mile in 5:20 so i backed off a bit the next 9m were all right around 5:50 pace which felt pretty relaxed. Overall I was pretty happen to get this in with DH Jones 3 weeks away and knowing i will have people to run with I think i could be in contention of a PR day (depending on the conditions of the course)

Total- 70m (6days)

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