Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Mon- Pm 10m (5m uptempo 30:48)
Tues- Am 2m
Pm 5m
Wed- Pm 9m (track)
Thurs- Am 2m
Pm 9m
Sat- am 7m
Sun- am 8m (race) 21:19 (4onthe4th)

Total- 52m

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Goal- 2x800 (400 rest) 4x400 (200 rest) 4x200 (200rest)

Workout- 2:29,2:27

Overall- Good workout felt smooth and relaxed only one slip up in the first 200 fell asleep on the pace a bit. It was good to get back on the track.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Mon- Pm 7m (4m tempo 22:12)
Tues- Am 5m
Pm 5m
Wed- Pm 9m (track)
Thurs- Pm 9m
Fri- Am 7m
Sat- 0
Sun- Am 18m


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Margarita's Father's Day 5K

This morning I went over to the Margarita's Father's Day 5K in Dover. As soon as I arrived I saw Bob Wiles, after a warm up on the course we both headed separate was to get ready. As the race went off I quickly settled into second and hoped to keep Bob as close as possible. I was pretty happy to hit the turn around and not be to far behind. On the route back in I just tried to be able to see Bob as we hit the oncoming traffic of runners who were spread all over the road. Once the road cleared we were probably in the final mile and Bob had put some good ground on me it seemed like he had doubled his lead. As I made the final turn heading to the finish I took a quick glance back just to make sure that in being solo with Bob out of contact that I hadn't become complacent. Overall I was happy with the results I managed to finish 40secs behind Bob in 16:48 for 2nd. Although the time wasn't anything special it was the other stats that I was happy with, I managed to keep Bob in sight for most of the race and I felt I ran much smarter then I have been racing lately.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


workout- 4x2,3x4,1x8,3x4,4x2 half rest on all except 2's

times- 39,37,36,36,74,73,73,230,73,72,72,36,36,36,36

Overall- Good workout for myself and Brandon we keep the rest around 54-56(per 200) total work was 8k in 30:02 with rest included.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Mon- Am 3m
Pm 9m (3 mile tempo Norway hill 17:23)
Tues- Pm 8m
Wed- Pm 7m
Thurs- Pm 11m
Fri- Pm 10m
Sat- Am- 5m
Sun- Am-8m (race)


Summary- Good week got my miles back up from last week. Had two good workouts and a good race. Seems like things are starting to fall into place which is a nice feeling, and for the first time in a while I don't feel run down at the end of the week.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hollis 5K

Thursday night myself,Haley,Boj and Sam Wood all headed over to Hollis For the Apple Hollis 5K. As we arrived the rain began to increase and it seemed more and more like a perfect chance to run well. The course has a slight down hill which seems to be most of mile two. After picking up our registration we headed up to the start to get in a easy 2m warm up. We began talking about our race plans and I stated that The only one I had was to hang on the lead and try and close. That plan changed slightly as I was stretching and saw Ben Ndaya and TITUS MUTINDA walk past. As the gun went off I got out well but not with any huge burst of speed during the first .5 of the race I was working my way up to the group ahead of me, this group held 2nd and 3rd. At about the half a mile I had caught up to the guy in 3rd and we made our way up to Titus. Once we were all in a group it was very clear that the race was for second, Ben had already put about 100m on us an didn't seem to be coming back. We battle for the next mile and a half as we approached the .5m to go sign I went back an thought of how hard I am able to close at the sizzlers and those races are far more difficult. I decided this was when I needed to go and was able to make a move and hold it to close my last .5 in roughly 2:30. I ended up finishing 2nd overall 20secs behind 1st which I was ok with because that meant he never really put anymore space after the mile. It was also good to see everyone else run well Sam-1600 lance 1545 boj 1630 and HALEY- 18:41.

2-5:04 (9:58)
3-5:01 (15:00)
.1- 33 (15:33)

I had 15:33 on my watch but as we all know there is always a mystery 2 seconds that shows up in the results. Also despite the results CMS won the team event, They didn't factor in Dan or Dave.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Mon- 3m (20:48)
9m (2.5 mile race 14:01)
Tues- 0m (lifting/Core)
Wed- 7m (48:56) W/ Sam Wood
Thurs- 7m (Hollis 5k)
Fri- 0m
Sat-8m (53)


Not a great week of training but had a good race and got some much needed rest. The next couple weeks I will be able to get in the running and workouts as I don't have any planed races till 4th of July.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rhody 5K

Today myself and Hammett headed down to Lincoln RI for the Rhody 5K. We were both pretty relaxed on the ride down and I felt today might be a good shot at getting under 16mins. When we arrived we meet up with the CMS guys and headed out for a warm up over the last 2miles of the course. Quickly realizing that it was humid and warm we began talking about possibly changing the plan and going out a bit my relaxed.
At the start of the race I got in about 3-4 rows back to keep myself from being tempted to go out to hard. About 2mins into the race I had already noticed my mouth was dry (much like indoor track) I tried to stay relaxed over the first mile in which i was 5:10 after the mile I attempted to move up which lasted about half a mile before everything began to tighten up. I came threw 2 in 10:31 and knew i needed to decide weather i was just gonna hang on or try to push harder, Turned out my legs already made that choice as I just tried to hang onto the pack in front of me the last mile felt like it took forever and by the time we hit 3m I had no want to try and muster a kick. Overall I am ok with how the race went I didn't go out over my head just struggled with the heat and humidity like most did.

Place- 36

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday workout

Goal- 6x400, 6x200 (200 Rest)
70-73 33-35

Workout- 74,74,72,72,71,69

Overall very happy with the workout, It was good to have Wilson there to do the workout with. Gives me a boost of confidence going into this weekends Race that I am able to start shifting gears and not struggle with the faster pace. Now its all on Sunday Sub 16 or bust.........Or till the next 5K only time will tell

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Mon-10m (5m tempo/race 29:29 very challenging course)
Tues- 5m-36:01
Wed- 10m (workout)
Thurs- 7m(50:12)
Fri- 7m (46:16)
Sat- 5m (34:24)
Sun- 7m (race)
Total- 56m

Overall- Not the mileage I was hoping for but legs felt a little tired so i thought best to take it back a step and rest. Very happy with the 2 workouts mon/wed thought those went well the race was ok not exactly what i was looking to run but the weather played a factor in the results