Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hollis 5K

Thursday night myself,Haley,Boj and Sam Wood all headed over to Hollis For the Apple Hollis 5K. As we arrived the rain began to increase and it seemed more and more like a perfect chance to run well. The course has a slight down hill which seems to be most of mile two. After picking up our registration we headed up to the start to get in a easy 2m warm up. We began talking about our race plans and I stated that The only one I had was to hang on the lead and try and close. That plan changed slightly as I was stretching and saw Ben Ndaya and TITUS MUTINDA walk past. As the gun went off I got out well but not with any huge burst of speed during the first .5 of the race I was working my way up to the group ahead of me, this group held 2nd and 3rd. At about the half a mile I had caught up to the guy in 3rd and we made our way up to Titus. Once we were all in a group it was very clear that the race was for second, Ben had already put about 100m on us an didn't seem to be coming back. We battle for the next mile and a half as we approached the .5m to go sign I went back an thought of how hard I am able to close at the sizzlers and those races are far more difficult. I decided this was when I needed to go and was able to make a move and hold it to close my last .5 in roughly 2:30. I ended up finishing 2nd overall 20secs behind 1st which I was ok with because that meant he never really put anymore space after the mile. It was also good to see everyone else run well Sam-1600 lance 1545 boj 1630 and HALEY- 18:41.

2-5:04 (9:58)
3-5:01 (15:00)
.1- 33 (15:33)

I had 15:33 on my watch but as we all know there is always a mystery 2 seconds that shows up in the results. Also despite the results CMS won the team event, They didn't factor in Dan or Dave.

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  1. Not only do you go sub 16:00. You go WAY sub 16:00. Sounds like you got in a nice battle there. Beating Titus is no small deal. Nice work. Can it be that Rhody is a slow course--maybe it was just a slow day?