Sunday, June 20, 2010

Margarita's Father's Day 5K

This morning I went over to the Margarita's Father's Day 5K in Dover. As soon as I arrived I saw Bob Wiles, after a warm up on the course we both headed separate was to get ready. As the race went off I quickly settled into second and hoped to keep Bob as close as possible. I was pretty happy to hit the turn around and not be to far behind. On the route back in I just tried to be able to see Bob as we hit the oncoming traffic of runners who were spread all over the road. Once the road cleared we were probably in the final mile and Bob had put some good ground on me it seemed like he had doubled his lead. As I made the final turn heading to the finish I took a quick glance back just to make sure that in being solo with Bob out of contact that I hadn't become complacent. Overall I was happy with the results I managed to finish 40secs behind Bob in 16:48 for 2nd. Although the time wasn't anything special it was the other stats that I was happy with, I managed to keep Bob in sight for most of the race and I felt I ran much smarter then I have been racing lately.

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  1. Good race, Jeff. Sounds like you ran smart. The out-n-back courses are tough b/c for at least a few minutes you have to dodge and weave through the "participants."