Monday, May 24, 2010


Mon-10m (4m tempo 22:33, splits 5:57,5:38,5:34,5:23)
Tues-am 5m (35:55)
pm 6m
Wed-9m (workout)6x400 (73,73,72,72,70,62)
Thurs- 12m(1:25) w/Andy
Fri-7m (48:00)
Sat 10m (Race)
Sun- 14m (1:39)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bedford 12K&5K

Today I traveled over to Bedford NH to run the Bedford 12K. After arriving at the race around 7am I met up with the CMS guys and headed out for a warm up. After about a 3m warm-up I got ready to run my first 12k. The first mile was flat and down hill which made for a quicker start then planned. I felt strong threw 4miles at that point I felt the wheel's come off a bit, I tried to hold it together but keep slipping back until I found myself in no man's land. I tried to re-rally after mile 6 but couldn't really get it going until i crossed mile 7 I all of a sudden found a way to change gears and get going. I was a happy with the race but had hoped to hold it together a bit better. Also I was very happy that we won the team title as the front guys put in some very solid efforts.

Total- 42:24

Afterward I got the idea to jump in the 5k as Haley,Brandon and Sam were running it. I figured this at the least would be a good workout and thought I might have a shot at top 3. I got out very controlled and just tried to sit on the 3rd place runner and see what the chances would be of moving up. As we got to the mile I found myself in a group of 4. After about .5miles I fell off the pace a bit and found myself in 5th trying to catch up on already tired legs. I was unable to close the gap on the guys in front of me, I had a good feeling that I wasn't gonna catch them as I know Sam pretty well and he was showing no signs of fading neither was the guy right behind him. I was pretty happy with the race as I only had a hour break between races, I was also happy with how Sam Brandon and Haley ran. Both Sam and Brandon haven't been racing in some time so it was good to see them running.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday workout

Goal 5x400,5x200 Quick pace recovery, 200 recovery

Total time-17:28

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tues-0 (tired)
Wed- 9m (workout) 5m(34:37) w/haley
Thurs-am 5m pm 5m
Sat-17m (races)
Sun-13m (1:38:26)


Monday, May 10, 2010


Mon-Am 3m (20:36) w/Haley
Pm 9m (summer sizzler) 2.5 mile challenging course. (14:01 3rd)

Thurs-11.5m (1:12:24) hilly
Fri-5m (36:20)
Sat- 9m (Race)
Sun-18m (2:09:47)


Summary- this week went pretty well got in a good amount of quality running. Felt really drained by the end of it legs were pretty heavy on both sat an Sunday for the race/long run. Hoping to take it fairly easy this week and be well rested for Bedford.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Peeper 5K

Last week I decide I would go home and run the Peeper 5K, after I had looked at last years results I thought I might have a good chance. I arrived at the race around 8 and immediatly saw Dan V. Jim Johnson and Chris Mahoney so I knew right from the start I needed to have a outstanding day to get those guys. We headed out to do the course for the warm up and saw a guy from NB (Dan) Jim recognized him form the Lowell meet a few weeks back. I was now looking at if I was to finsh top 3 I needed to beat one of these guys. As the gun went off it was myself,Dan(NB),Jim and Chris all together I knew I needed to try and hang on aslong as possible. We can through the mile under 5 and I started to fall back a couple steps(Never been out this fast)
When we hit the turn around they had about 5-10 seconds on me, I tried to rally back and see if I had anything to catch them. I could see them the whole way back but just couldn't close the gap. I ended up finishing 4th in 16:30 which going into the race I told myself that was the goal. Overall I was happy with the race, I am more excited with how this comeback is going very well I am hoping that I can sneak under 16mins by early June.


Monday, May 3, 2010


Mon- Am-3m (19:20)
Pm-5m (33:33)
Tues- 8m (51:44) 1xdeath hill (3:56)
Wed- 7m am (45:00)
Thurs-10m+ pm(1:09:50) w/Andy
Sat-9m(Peepers 5k)
Sun-20m(w/bojo and hammett)


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring for the cure 5K

Today I decided to give my legs a test run as I haven't raced since Merrimack River and my training had been slacking due to my knee. I decided to go to a local race in Keene, Myself and Sam Wood headed over to the race. We both went out for a easy 2 mile warm up and talked about the race as we jogged on the course. It was a pretty low key race which is what I was hoping for and lucked out that none of the fellow Keene guys showed up. There were no mile markers on the course just the turn around point, as the race started both myself and Sam broke away fast. I hit the turn around at 8:12 on the way in we had to dodge walkers/runners on the trail part of the course. I felt myself start to slow down a bit on the second half when I began to get back to the rolling hills. Overall I was happy with the effort and think that I got very lucky that I didn't lose that much over this past month, which leads me to think that Bedford will be a good race for not only me but CMS.

Stats ( I can do this now because i got my Nike watch back)
Out Turn - 8:12
Back - 8:45
Time- 16:57 (1st Overall)
Cms- Finished 1 and 2