Saturday, May 8, 2010

Peeper 5K

Last week I decide I would go home and run the Peeper 5K, after I had looked at last years results I thought I might have a good chance. I arrived at the race around 8 and immediatly saw Dan V. Jim Johnson and Chris Mahoney so I knew right from the start I needed to have a outstanding day to get those guys. We headed out to do the course for the warm up and saw a guy from NB (Dan) Jim recognized him form the Lowell meet a few weeks back. I was now looking at if I was to finsh top 3 I needed to beat one of these guys. As the gun went off it was myself,Dan(NB),Jim and Chris all together I knew I needed to try and hang on aslong as possible. We can through the mile under 5 and I started to fall back a couple steps(Never been out this fast)
When we hit the turn around they had about 5-10 seconds on me, I tried to rally back and see if I had anything to catch them. I could see them the whole way back but just couldn't close the gap. I ended up finishing 4th in 16:30 which going into the race I told myself that was the goal. Overall I was happy with the race, I am more excited with how this comeback is going very well I am hoping that I can sneak under 16mins by early June.



  1. you'll be under 16 for sure (not counting Hollis ;) ).... Sign up for Cigna'll PR there for sure.... Good job today man...I wish the weather was a little better...but it was still fun.

  2. You to man I didn't mind the cool weather. But. I think rhody might be a good chance at getting under 16 when ever it happens it will be my first time so I'll be stoked.

  3. Good job, Jeff. I'm already getting pumped for Rhody. I'm trying not to overlook the 12k in a couple of weeks...Justin is right: never let work interfere w/ running!

  4. Ya I am stoked for both races I think it's gonna be a good time and I think we will do well As a team so it will make it even better