Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring for the cure 5K

Today I decided to give my legs a test run as I haven't raced since Merrimack River and my training had been slacking due to my knee. I decided to go to a local race in Keene, Myself and Sam Wood headed over to the race. We both went out for a easy 2 mile warm up and talked about the race as we jogged on the course. It was a pretty low key race which is what I was hoping for and lucked out that none of the fellow Keene guys showed up. There were no mile markers on the course just the turn around point, as the race started both myself and Sam broke away fast. I hit the turn around at 8:12 on the way in we had to dodge walkers/runners on the trail part of the course. I felt myself start to slow down a bit on the second half when I began to get back to the rolling hills. Overall I was happy with the effort and think that I got very lucky that I didn't lose that much over this past month, which leads me to think that Bedford will be a good race for not only me but CMS.

Stats ( I can do this now because i got my Nike watch back)
Out Turn - 8:12
Back - 8:45
Time- 16:57 (1st Overall)
Cms- Finished 1 and 2


  1. Nice job! A win while mending an injury is a great sign!

  2. Good race, Jeff. Glad to see that knee is getting better. Hopefully, we can do some damage for CMS in the next two Grand Prix races.

  3. Good effort dude! Glad things are back. See you Wednesday?

  4. Thanks guys.
    Fyffe sorry I won't be there wednesday I got work which keeps screwing things up

  5. Don't ever let work get in the way of running. Where on Earth are your priorities?

  6. haha, I will get in a workout this week i just gotta figure out how in the hell i am gonna handle 2 jobs = 50hrs and training....I have a odd feeling my sleeping in days are past me