Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Tues- 8.7 (57:32)
Wed-5.5 (41:29) W/haley
Thurs- 11m Base hill W/ Pipp
Fri- 0
Sat- 7+ W/ Haley an Pipp
Sun- 18 (1:56:25) w/ Fyffe, Hammett, Wilson, Ferenc and George

Total- 50m

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Mon- 0
Tues- 7.5m (47:07)
Wed- 9m (1:03) w/ boj
Thurs- 0
Fri- 7m in Orlando

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Tues- 5m
Wed- 10m (workout)
Thurs- 7m
Fri- 10m
Sat- 10m (bu mini meet) 3k-9:13 mile-4:46 (paced Haley 10:48)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Tues-7+ 50:06
Wed- 5m 35:30
9m (track)- 2x800, 4x400 (2:31,2:29,73,73,70,69)- Felt really good during the workout. It was nice to have everyone doing the same workout always gave you either someone to chase or someone pushing. I am starting to get excited with the way things are going. I am racing the 3k at Harvard this weekend hoping to be in the 9:10 or under range.
Thurs- 5m 34:12
Fri- 5m 36:47
Sat-10m (3k 9:22 Ok race)
Sun- 11m


Monday, November 29, 2010


Mon- Am Stretch
Tues- Am 7m+ 48:40
Wed- 9m (track)
Thurs- 0m
Fri- 5m 35:24
Sat 11m (5k-16:14 @ reggie)
Sun-14m 1:36:28 w/ Hammett,Fyffe, George adams, Eric, Ferenc,Boj, wilson

Total- 46m

Overall- Good workout and surprising race. I thought going in at 16:20 might be a stretch but I guess my fitness is better then I thought

Monday, November 22, 2010


Mon- 7.5m 45:47 Tempo (6:06 pace)
Tues-5m 33:00
Wed-6m 41:21
Thurs- 6m workout cut back miles (6:00,5:37,5:20) 17:23 5k
Sat-12m w/ Josh, Fyffe and George Adams
Sun- 12m w/Josh,Fyffe,Wilson and George Adams


Thursday, November 18, 2010


Goal- 1st set-10k pace. 2nd-5k pace. 3rd 3k pace

Results- 3:59/2:44/80

Overall- Didn't quite get the times I wanted but still a good workout and moving in the right direction.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Mon- 5m Robin Hood park 34:11
Tues- 7.5m 50:10 In-town loop
Wed- Am 3m 21:46 w/Thomas
PM 13m (workout)
Thurs- 5.5m 39:49
Fri- 0
Sat- 8m (Milford 5k) 16:56 2nd- Good race the first mile of the course was downhill and flat with a steep climb in the second mile and a quick drop. The third mile was flat and back up hill for the final .5m. Tried to stay relaxed and not go out to hard, Felt smooth most of the race Pat Ard Won in 16:11 he made a move at the mile and built a good lead on the climb which I never recovered from.

6:16 (1.1)
Sun- 5m

Total- 47

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Mon- 0 (@ work till 6am)
Tues- 7m 49:46 (Beach hill down to robin hood cemetery home)
Wed- 10m 65:36 (hilly goose)
Thurs- 4m w/Haley
Fri- 10m 71:10 Pisgha W/Ferenc Hammett boj and the girls
Sat- 10m 69:16 Rail bed W/boj
Sun- 11m- Magic Mountain 5m- 29:35 (4th) Not a great race but not terrible for how the course was very hilly and challenging. Felt I held back in certain areas were I should have let rip a bit more and struggled on the climbing. Overall it was good work and I knew from the start that I was gonna have trouble with the climbs as I haven't been doing much climbing lately.

Total- 52m(6days) Ok week its been a bit hard to find the balance with training and work but I think I can handle 60-65 with the long hours.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Workout- 400/800/1200/1600/1200/800/400 (half rest)

Results- 80/2:38/3:55/5:05/3:53/2:29/71

Overall- Felt really relaxed during the work out, It was myself Boj and George Stevens (former teammate) I was also happy that the total time for the workout was 36:30 with rest included so we never let the rest slack.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Mon- 7m 51:08 Beach Hill
Tues- 7m 44:41 Robin Hood Park
Wed- Am 3m Robin hood 20:55
Pm 12m (workout)
Thurs- 7m 53:15 Beach Hill
Fri- am 5m 32:48
Pm 5m 33:49 W/ George
Sat- 9m (Race 5k 16:43)
Sun- 11m 1:14:44 w/ Wilson


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Goal- 3xMile @5:20 (400 Rest) 4x400

Results- 5:28,5:36,5:34

Overall- The miles were a bit slower then I was thinking but were still close, The 400's felt pretty good for doing them after the miles

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Tues- 7m 44:50 Robin hood/Beach hill
Wed- Am 3m 23:58
Pm 12m (workout)
Thurs- 5m (35:00)
Sat- AM 7m (at Lec Conference meet)
PM 5m w/Pete Thomas
Sun- 17m

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Goal- 3sets 800/400/200 the plan was to start out at current pace of fitness and work down

Times- 2:41/76/36

Overall- Happy with the work legs felt ok, my breathing was a bit out of control but that will come back with fitness


Mon- 0 (15.5 work day)
Tues- 5m 32:00
Wed- am 5m 33:03
Pm 10m (track)
Thurs- 10m 66:40 railbed
Fri- 6.5 47:02 warm-up
Pumpkin 5k- 17:21 (In trainers)
1.5m 9:07 Cool-Down
Sat- 9m 1:02:24 w/ Haley in Hollis
Sun- 11m Rail Bed High school loop 71:07

Total- 61m

Overall- Felt good this week got in two good workouts and a solid week of miles. Goal for next week 65-70 miles

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friends of forgotten children

Saturday morning my self and Boj headed over to Concord for the FOFC. The plan was to get into a low key 5k and see how things were going. Neither of us have really done any workouts in some time so there was still question marks about speed and overall fitness. As we arrive for what was advertised to be a 9 AM start we realize this was the first of many misprints, we headed out to do the course as a warm up and saw Derek Hamel which I knew would be up in the front. As the race went out we stuck to the agree upon plan of no faster then 5:30 for the first mile. Over the course of the opening mile we watched Derek open a good lead and knew that he wasn't coming back. We hit the mile in 5:40 which felt easy, I began to push on the second mile this being the first time I have had the feeling being a runner again. I was able to open a gap on Boj over this mile in which I was able to run 5:30. Feeling good going into the final mile I knew that I had to keep pushing because if I gave any sign of fading Boj would gun me down and I am unable to kick with him. I continued to press the final mile and as I approached the 3 mile mark I clicked the watch to see 4:55 and instantly knew something was short I crossed the line in 16:38 and asked Derek if he also thought that was 3. He informed me that the gps on the lead bike read 3.0, Boj finished just a few seconds back and we all headed out for a cool down happy with the efforts. As they skipped the awards which confused me we then found the next misprint in the form which said prizes top 3 it was really only 1st which was a bummer.
4:55 (5:27)

Overall I was happy with the day I have managed to get back into ok shape and now just have to continue to get my fitness back which will need some fine tuning with the long hours are work

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Mon- 3.5m 24:00
Tues- 4.5m 27:55
Wed- 3m 21:00
Thurs- 5m 29:46
Fri- 5m 35:47
Sat- 9m Race
Sun- 0
Total 30m

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Tues- 9m 1:02:49 College Rail bed
Wed-10m Track
6x800 goal (2:40-2:45) 400 recovery
Results- 2:54/2:50/2:47/2:40/2:36/2:33
Took a little bit to start to remember what it felt like to run quicker.
Thurs- 7.5m 50:58 College Rail bed
Fri-- 0m
Sat- Am 3.5m-23:58
Pm 5m+-34:47
Sun- 9m 1:04:17 reverse beech hill

Total- 44m (5days)
Felt good a bit tired from the increase in work. Running wise things seem to be coming together.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Mon- Am. uptempo Yale 7 Close from Bridge (1.4-1.5 miles out)
43:56 (8:05 from bridge)
Tues- Am. 5m 35:00 robin hood park
Wed- Pm. Robin hoods (1350meter trail loop) 3m warm up 3xrobin hoods 1m cool down
times:4:40,4:37,4:39. 7m total
Thurs- Am 5m 35:00 Road loop
Fri- 5m 39:41 Robin hood park
Sat- 11m. First fitness test, KSC invite 30:04. Its a starting point and had not achilles pain.
Sun- Am Beech Hill 7 from house 52:31.

Total- 47m

Overall- Felt good this week got in 2 good workouts and a good race (for my current fitness) It was nice to run hard again, my achilles seems to be getting better each day and hasn't been sore all week.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Mon- Am 7.5m (Avg 6:23 pace)
Tues- Pm 7m (with KSC boys)
Wed- Am 10m W/George Adams
Fri- Am 5m (w/Pipp,Thomas,Ager)

Monday, September 13, 2010


Mon- 3m
2 sets of eccentric calf raises 30 each set
Tues- 5m
Wed- 3m
Thurs- Am 3m
Pm 3m
Fri-0 ( wanted to but said I would take a day off)
Sat-8m (at ksc meet)
good start hit the miles I wanted next week I am hoping for 40 and maybe a xc race

Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 1

Mon- Am 3m (no pain)
Pm 3m
Tues- AM 3m
Wed- 3m
Thurs-3m (18:34) tempo
Fri- Am 3m
Pm 4m w/Wilson
Sat- 5m
Sun- 5m


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I haven't been able to run since Bride of Flowers due to a strained right Achilles. I have been Icing and taking Advil. The problem is Bay state is 8 weeks away, and I know at some point if I can't get going there will be no point in going. I am just having trouble figuring out when that cut off point should be, On a side note I have been able to bike. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mon- 0
Tues- 0
Wed- Am 5m
Pm 5m
Thurs- Am 5m
Fri- 1m (Achilles wouldn't loosen up so I bagged it an went home. Taking the rest of the week to the road bike and try to fix this thing quickly

Overall- Not sure what to do, my achilles won't loosen up and it is sore just walking around. If anyone has any advice on how to get this to loosen up I am open to ideas

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today myself,Haley,Hammett and George Adams headed over to Manchester for the Cigna 5k. After last year we decided that we would much rather be there early then rush. We arrived at 4:15. Around 5:30 we went out on the warm up with a crew of the CMS guys. Mike Q. Dave Q. Scott Clark Tim Cox. After a nice 2m warm up we headed separate ways to get ready. As the race started I was 3 rows back but had positioned myself right behind Mike Q, After the first 200 and the crowd spread out a bit I was able to find Mike once again and tucked in right behind him. We can threw the mile in 505-506 and felt pretty relaxed at this point I pulled up next to Mike and we started to move up. I felt really smooth and comfortable (the mileage paying off) Not sure the time at 2 as i decided to not wear a watch but there are normally clocks on the course, At about 2.5 we hit the last little dip in the course and Mike started to close and opened a gap that I wasn't able to cover the move. Overall I was really happy I know I am getting stronger and a couple more weeks I think that I will be able to cover late moves better.

Results - 16:13 PR
23rd overall

Monday, August 9, 2010


Mon- Am 5m
Pm 5m
Tues- pm 10m w/Haley,Alex,Tim
Wed- Am 5m
Pm 3m
Thurs- Am 3m
Pm 9m Cigna 5k 16:13 23rd place
Fri- 40min bike
Sat- 8m (BOF not a good day down hills killed my Achilles)
Sun- 0

Total- 48m

Overall- This was a planned down week so not much to say, two days in flats didn't help the Achilles at all. Next week back to the miles

Monday, August 2, 2010


Mon- Am 4m
Pm 9m
Tues- Pm 12m (last 3.5 21:25)
Wed- Am 4m
Pm 3m
Thurs- 0
Fri- Am 4m
Pm 7m
Sat- 20m w/ boj and hammett in pisgah
Sun- 14m w/pipp and Thomas
Total- 79

Overall- A good 3rd week of training, starting to feel much stronger and adjusting to the training. Next week will be a down week I will shoot for 70-75 in 7 days. Normally I would try to keep this going but with two races this week it seems like a better idea to cut back as i will have two hard days of running.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Workout 4x400(200rest)1x1000(400rest)4x400(200rest)

Goal- 5k pace or a bit quicker


Overall- Felt pretty good, legs were a bit heavy to start out after yesterday.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Mon- Am 9m
Pm 4m
Tues- Am 5m
Pm 16m w/Hammett...Took a wrong turn out at goose pond
Wed- Pm 10m (workout)
Thurs- Am 3m
Pm 8m w/Haley n Pipp
Fri-0 (travel)
Sat- am 8m
Sun- 0 (travel)

Total- 63 (5days)

Overall- The week went well legs were a bit heavy from the miles plus the traveling next week will be back to normal

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Workout- 2xmile,2x800,2x400 half rest

Times- 5:12,5:11,2:27,2:26,72,66

Overall- I was surprised it went as well as it did after Stowe and the miles that I have put in so far this week.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Mon- Am 4
Pm 11 w/ Trethewey
Tues- Am 8m
Pm 6m
Wed- Pm 12m (workout)
Thurs- Am 6m
Pm 5m
Fri- Am 5m
Pm 11m w/Joey
Sat- Am 5m
Sun- Am 14m w/Greg,Eric and Wilson

Overall- A solid week got 87m in felt good and had a good workout. Now all I have to do is keep this going, so for now week 1 of marathon preparation is done time to focus on week 2.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stowe 8 Miler

This morning myself,Greg and Jen headed up too the Stowe 8 Miler, Part of the grand prix series. Going into the race I wasn't sure what to expect my training has not been that great the past couple weeks and I figured it would go one of two ways. Unfortunately it went much like my past weeks of training. I got out in a group with Jim and Sam and had thoughts that we could work together and run around 540 pace or quicker. After the first mile in 5:37 I knew it was going to be tough as it didn't feel nearly as easy as I would have liked. The rest of the race went pretty much the same places where I thought I could move I didn't and places that were hilly I slowed more. After the 6 mile mark in which I saw 6 mins on my watch all I wanted to do was hang on to the group which I couldn't seem to do. Overall I think I needed to have a race like this, I have been slacking on the miles and a race like this just reminds me that I am not talented enough to run 45-50 miles a week and race the way I want too.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Mon- 0
Tues- Am 9m
Wed- Am 7m (workout)
Thur-0 (22 hrs @ work)
Fri- Am 4m
Pm 3m
Sun-12m (stowe)

Overall- The number speak for them self

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


4x400,4x200 full rest (due to Heat)

Overall: Good day with the crew

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Mon- Pm 8M
Tues- Pm 8m
Wed- Pm 8m(workout)
Pm 5m
Thurs- 11m (bonkfest)


Overall- Didnt get the mileage that I was looking for but with the traveling cant complain.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 Mile TT

Plan: 2 Mile time Trial @ 10:20

Results: 10:09 (5:03,5:06)

Overall: I was pretty happy with how it went, I did this workout with a group two years ago before 4 on the 4th and was able to run faster today then I did there. As long as the weather is good I think my goal of sub 21 can still happen.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Mon- Pm 10m (5m uptempo 30:48)
Tues- Am 2m
Pm 5m
Wed- Pm 9m (track)
Thurs- Am 2m
Pm 9m
Sat- am 7m
Sun- am 8m (race) 21:19 (4onthe4th)

Total- 52m

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Goal- 2x800 (400 rest) 4x400 (200 rest) 4x200 (200rest)

Workout- 2:29,2:27

Overall- Good workout felt smooth and relaxed only one slip up in the first 200 fell asleep on the pace a bit. It was good to get back on the track.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Mon- Pm 7m (4m tempo 22:12)
Tues- Am 5m
Pm 5m
Wed- Pm 9m (track)
Thurs- Pm 9m
Fri- Am 7m
Sat- 0
Sun- Am 18m


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Margarita's Father's Day 5K

This morning I went over to the Margarita's Father's Day 5K in Dover. As soon as I arrived I saw Bob Wiles, after a warm up on the course we both headed separate was to get ready. As the race went off I quickly settled into second and hoped to keep Bob as close as possible. I was pretty happy to hit the turn around and not be to far behind. On the route back in I just tried to be able to see Bob as we hit the oncoming traffic of runners who were spread all over the road. Once the road cleared we were probably in the final mile and Bob had put some good ground on me it seemed like he had doubled his lead. As I made the final turn heading to the finish I took a quick glance back just to make sure that in being solo with Bob out of contact that I hadn't become complacent. Overall I was happy with the results I managed to finish 40secs behind Bob in 16:48 for 2nd. Although the time wasn't anything special it was the other stats that I was happy with, I managed to keep Bob in sight for most of the race and I felt I ran much smarter then I have been racing lately.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


workout- 4x2,3x4,1x8,3x4,4x2 half rest on all except 2's

times- 39,37,36,36,74,73,73,230,73,72,72,36,36,36,36

Overall- Good workout for myself and Brandon we keep the rest around 54-56(per 200) total work was 8k in 30:02 with rest included.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Mon- Am 3m
Pm 9m (3 mile tempo Norway hill 17:23)
Tues- Pm 8m
Wed- Pm 7m
Thurs- Pm 11m
Fri- Pm 10m
Sat- Am- 5m
Sun- Am-8m (race)


Summary- Good week got my miles back up from last week. Had two good workouts and a good race. Seems like things are starting to fall into place which is a nice feeling, and for the first time in a while I don't feel run down at the end of the week.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hollis 5K

Thursday night myself,Haley,Boj and Sam Wood all headed over to Hollis For the Apple Hollis 5K. As we arrived the rain began to increase and it seemed more and more like a perfect chance to run well. The course has a slight down hill which seems to be most of mile two. After picking up our registration we headed up to the start to get in a easy 2m warm up. We began talking about our race plans and I stated that The only one I had was to hang on the lead and try and close. That plan changed slightly as I was stretching and saw Ben Ndaya and TITUS MUTINDA walk past. As the gun went off I got out well but not with any huge burst of speed during the first .5 of the race I was working my way up to the group ahead of me, this group held 2nd and 3rd. At about the half a mile I had caught up to the guy in 3rd and we made our way up to Titus. Once we were all in a group it was very clear that the race was for second, Ben had already put about 100m on us an didn't seem to be coming back. We battle for the next mile and a half as we approached the .5m to go sign I went back an thought of how hard I am able to close at the sizzlers and those races are far more difficult. I decided this was when I needed to go and was able to make a move and hold it to close my last .5 in roughly 2:30. I ended up finishing 2nd overall 20secs behind 1st which I was ok with because that meant he never really put anymore space after the mile. It was also good to see everyone else run well Sam-1600 lance 1545 boj 1630 and HALEY- 18:41.

2-5:04 (9:58)
3-5:01 (15:00)
.1- 33 (15:33)

I had 15:33 on my watch but as we all know there is always a mystery 2 seconds that shows up in the results. Also despite the results CMS won the team event, They didn't factor in Dan or Dave.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Mon- 3m (20:48)
9m (2.5 mile race 14:01)
Tues- 0m (lifting/Core)
Wed- 7m (48:56) W/ Sam Wood
Thurs- 7m (Hollis 5k)
Fri- 0m
Sat-8m (53)


Not a great week of training but had a good race and got some much needed rest. The next couple weeks I will be able to get in the running and workouts as I don't have any planed races till 4th of July.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rhody 5K

Today myself and Hammett headed down to Lincoln RI for the Rhody 5K. We were both pretty relaxed on the ride down and I felt today might be a good shot at getting under 16mins. When we arrived we meet up with the CMS guys and headed out for a warm up over the last 2miles of the course. Quickly realizing that it was humid and warm we began talking about possibly changing the plan and going out a bit my relaxed.
At the start of the race I got in about 3-4 rows back to keep myself from being tempted to go out to hard. About 2mins into the race I had already noticed my mouth was dry (much like indoor track) I tried to stay relaxed over the first mile in which i was 5:10 after the mile I attempted to move up which lasted about half a mile before everything began to tighten up. I came threw 2 in 10:31 and knew i needed to decide weather i was just gonna hang on or try to push harder, Turned out my legs already made that choice as I just tried to hang onto the pack in front of me the last mile felt like it took forever and by the time we hit 3m I had no want to try and muster a kick. Overall I am ok with how the race went I didn't go out over my head just struggled with the heat and humidity like most did.

Place- 36

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday workout

Goal- 6x400, 6x200 (200 Rest)
70-73 33-35

Workout- 74,74,72,72,71,69

Overall very happy with the workout, It was good to have Wilson there to do the workout with. Gives me a boost of confidence going into this weekends Race that I am able to start shifting gears and not struggle with the faster pace. Now its all on Sunday Sub 16 or bust.........Or till the next 5K only time will tell

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Mon-10m (5m tempo/race 29:29 very challenging course)
Tues- 5m-36:01
Wed- 10m (workout)
Thurs- 7m(50:12)
Fri- 7m (46:16)
Sat- 5m (34:24)
Sun- 7m (race)
Total- 56m

Overall- Not the mileage I was hoping for but legs felt a little tired so i thought best to take it back a step and rest. Very happy with the 2 workouts mon/wed thought those went well the race was ok not exactly what i was looking to run but the weather played a factor in the results

Monday, May 24, 2010


Mon-10m (4m tempo 22:33, splits 5:57,5:38,5:34,5:23)
Tues-am 5m (35:55)
pm 6m
Wed-9m (workout)6x400 (73,73,72,72,70,62)
Thurs- 12m(1:25) w/Andy
Fri-7m (48:00)
Sat 10m (Race)
Sun- 14m (1:39)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bedford 12K&5K

Today I traveled over to Bedford NH to run the Bedford 12K. After arriving at the race around 7am I met up with the CMS guys and headed out for a warm up. After about a 3m warm-up I got ready to run my first 12k. The first mile was flat and down hill which made for a quicker start then planned. I felt strong threw 4miles at that point I felt the wheel's come off a bit, I tried to hold it together but keep slipping back until I found myself in no man's land. I tried to re-rally after mile 6 but couldn't really get it going until i crossed mile 7 I all of a sudden found a way to change gears and get going. I was a happy with the race but had hoped to hold it together a bit better. Also I was very happy that we won the team title as the front guys put in some very solid efforts.

Total- 42:24

Afterward I got the idea to jump in the 5k as Haley,Brandon and Sam were running it. I figured this at the least would be a good workout and thought I might have a shot at top 3. I got out very controlled and just tried to sit on the 3rd place runner and see what the chances would be of moving up. As we got to the mile I found myself in a group of 4. After about .5miles I fell off the pace a bit and found myself in 5th trying to catch up on already tired legs. I was unable to close the gap on the guys in front of me, I had a good feeling that I wasn't gonna catch them as I know Sam pretty well and he was showing no signs of fading neither was the guy right behind him. I was pretty happy with the race as I only had a hour break between races, I was also happy with how Sam Brandon and Haley ran. Both Sam and Brandon haven't been racing in some time so it was good to see them running.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday workout

Goal 5x400,5x200 Quick pace recovery, 200 recovery

Total time-17:28

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tues-0 (tired)
Wed- 9m (workout) 5m(34:37) w/haley
Thurs-am 5m pm 5m
Sat-17m (races)
Sun-13m (1:38:26)


Monday, May 10, 2010


Mon-Am 3m (20:36) w/Haley
Pm 9m (summer sizzler) 2.5 mile challenging course. (14:01 3rd)

Thurs-11.5m (1:12:24) hilly
Fri-5m (36:20)
Sat- 9m (Race)
Sun-18m (2:09:47)


Summary- this week went pretty well got in a good amount of quality running. Felt really drained by the end of it legs were pretty heavy on both sat an Sunday for the race/long run. Hoping to take it fairly easy this week and be well rested for Bedford.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Peeper 5K

Last week I decide I would go home and run the Peeper 5K, after I had looked at last years results I thought I might have a good chance. I arrived at the race around 8 and immediatly saw Dan V. Jim Johnson and Chris Mahoney so I knew right from the start I needed to have a outstanding day to get those guys. We headed out to do the course for the warm up and saw a guy from NB (Dan) Jim recognized him form the Lowell meet a few weeks back. I was now looking at if I was to finsh top 3 I needed to beat one of these guys. As the gun went off it was myself,Dan(NB),Jim and Chris all together I knew I needed to try and hang on aslong as possible. We can through the mile under 5 and I started to fall back a couple steps(Never been out this fast)
When we hit the turn around they had about 5-10 seconds on me, I tried to rally back and see if I had anything to catch them. I could see them the whole way back but just couldn't close the gap. I ended up finishing 4th in 16:30 which going into the race I told myself that was the goal. Overall I was happy with the race, I am more excited with how this comeback is going very well I am hoping that I can sneak under 16mins by early June.


Monday, May 3, 2010


Mon- Am-3m (19:20)
Pm-5m (33:33)
Tues- 8m (51:44) 1xdeath hill (3:56)
Wed- 7m am (45:00)
Thurs-10m+ pm(1:09:50) w/Andy
Sat-9m(Peepers 5k)
Sun-20m(w/bojo and hammett)


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring for the cure 5K

Today I decided to give my legs a test run as I haven't raced since Merrimack River and my training had been slacking due to my knee. I decided to go to a local race in Keene, Myself and Sam Wood headed over to the race. We both went out for a easy 2 mile warm up and talked about the race as we jogged on the course. It was a pretty low key race which is what I was hoping for and lucked out that none of the fellow Keene guys showed up. There were no mile markers on the course just the turn around point, as the race started both myself and Sam broke away fast. I hit the turn around at 8:12 on the way in we had to dodge walkers/runners on the trail part of the course. I felt myself start to slow down a bit on the second half when I began to get back to the rolling hills. Overall I was happy with the effort and think that I got very lucky that I didn't lose that much over this past month, which leads me to think that Bedford will be a good race for not only me but CMS.

Stats ( I can do this now because i got my Nike watch back)
Out Turn - 8:12
Back - 8:45
Time- 16:57 (1st Overall)
Cms- Finished 1 and 2

Monday, April 26, 2010


Mon- 5m (33:33) w/sam wood
Tues- 4m (28:38)
Wed- 4m (25:06) Progression run started at 6:30 ended at 5:34
Thurs- 6m (38:20) including 1xdeath hill ( I think the name explains it's self)
Fri- 5m (34:00)
Sat- 6m (race)
Sun- 0
Total- 30m

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today I began training again I have decided the best approach is to hit the restart button and start with a week of 3 miles a day. But I have never been so pumped to get out and run.

Monday, April 19, 2010

This sucks!!!

Mon- 5m (35:55) felt ok for 2 of the 5 miles not sure what its gonna take for this knee to go away
Tues- half mile swim (9:01) 10mins treading water
Thurs- 0
Sat-3 (18:55) barefoot
Sun- 3 (19:30) barefoot

Total- 11m

Monday, April 12, 2010


Mon- Am- 5m (31:30)
Pm- 10m (67:25)
Tues- 7m (47:28)
Wed- 8m
Workout mile/2x800/2x400
Thurs- 0
Fri- 0
Total - 30m

Overall- This week started out with a bang which could have been my largest problem after the workout on Wednesday my knee began to bother me on the cool down but seems to be ok now. It is now just resting and getting back to work with some sort of caution in the hope to get back to consistent mileage.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Mon-5m (30:51)
Thurs-5m (31:32)
Fri- 5m (32:20)
Sat- 14m (Merrimack trail race) (64:51)
Total- 31m

Overall- I can already state that this well not be a amazing week of training but it is all good, because the knee pain I was feeling late last week and early this week is for the most part gone and i will be able to slowly resume training at a normal level. I had what they call is jumpers knee which is basically patella tendinitis, and I was very happy to run wed,thurs with no pain.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Mon-10m (Workout)
8x400,200 (200 Rest) Alternating
Tues- 11m (1:17:34)
Wed- 0
Thurs- 7m (45:44)
Fri-am 4m(31:53)
pm 11m(1:16:05)
Sat-5m (32:41)

Overall - This week was just a bad week of training my knee's hurt so I wasn't able to run as much as I would have like, but I hope they will be better this week with the rest and allow my to resume training.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Mon-am 7m (47:58)
pm 5m (32:56) w/jimmy
Tues-am 11m(1:13:18)
Wed-pm 11m (workout) (2x2mile-11:16,11:01 1x800-2:28 Rest-400)
Thurs-pm-11m (1:17:31)
Fri-7m (51:55)
Sat-10m (race) (4.5m-25:46,5:44)-very challenging
Sun-9m (61:01)

Race- The race was a tough course, although we did get lucky to have no wind it was also a bit chilly out for the 9:15 start. Got out pretty well with a 5:18 first mile then hit the climb was 11:08 at 2 and began to feel the tiredness set in made it to 3(16:52) and 4(22:52). overall for the course and how i felt I am happy it was a bit hard to figure out why I was off but looking at it I am 6days from a running a pr in the half and have also increased my miles this week, so all in all it adds up pretty well.

Overall- This was a good week built my mileage up from the 57 a week to 70, just gotta hold that for a couple weeks and hopefully my body will adjust quickly. Had one ok race and a good workout

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Bedford Half

Today was a new adventure for me as I ran my first half marathon. I went into the race hoping to run sub-1:15 which I thought would be a good start. As the race started in which I never actually heard the gun go off, I quickly found myself with Jim who I planned on running with I stuck with him till about 2.5 then began to try and move up. I was really happy with some of the splits that i saw during the race 5m(28:20) 10m(56:36)PR. At about mile 11-11.5 we began to hit the last hill and I found myself in a pain that I had never felt before, Jim pulled back up next to me at this point and I tried to muster something to go with him but I seemed to be in shuffle mode and couldn't change gears. I ended up running 1:14:36, I was very pleased and was even more so happy to see that CMS finished 3rd in the team results. I think it shows how deep of a team we have with a few guys having a off day, as for team results it went something like this Double J, Bob Wiles,Hammett,Fyffe,Alan Bernier,Kevin Tilton and Jim Pawlicki. Overall I would say a good race for myself and a good day for CMS

Monday, March 15, 2010


Mon- Am-4m(29:45) with Pete Thomas
Pm- 9m (63:27) w/Wilson (Half on roads half on trails very wet)
Tues- Am- 5m (33:12)
Wed- 10m-workout 6x400 (65,67,67,71,67,66)
Fri-7m (51:22) w/Haley
Sat-5m (33:41)
Sun-17m (race)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Today me and Najem headed over to the track, we were doing a combined but separate workout. As I was doing 6x1000 Najem was doing 5x1200 and then pulled me through the first 600 of my final 1k. The workout went very smooth as we worked together during the intervals I would lead the first 400-600 meters before Najem would float by, yes I said float, as I felt I was putting in a solid effort he made it look easy. Here is how it went.

I did the workout with 400 rest and 800 rest between sets, other than getting out a bit fast on the first set I thought it went very well as the plan was to try and keep them all between 3:05-3:10, which other then 2 intervals I managed to do. So the plan is to get another workout in later this week and with the way the weather is looking doesn't seem like it will be hard to get motivated.


Mon-Am-11m workout
Tues-Pm-5m (36:00)
Wed-Am-5m (31:19)
Pm-3m (18:39)
Thurs- Pm-11m
Fri-Am- 7m (44:19)
Sat- Am- 17m (2:09:03)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Work Out 3/4

The planned workout for today is 4xmile (cutbacks) 4x200.
So today's workout went pretty well, although I didn't get quite the volume that I had planned on. Myself and Brandon headed to the track which ended up being pretty windy so we decided after the 3rd mile that we were tired of fighting the wind and went to the 200's. The workout went as follows.

Overall I was pleased with the workout the first mile I felt a bit stiff, but after that my legs loosened up and I felt smooth the rest of the workout.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Mon- Am-7m(51:40) 5 of the miles with Pete Thomas
Pm-3m(21:53) W/ Haley
Wed- Am-8m(58:57)
Thurs-Pm-10m (workout)
Fri- Am-4M (feeling lazy)
Sat- Am-14m (1:31)(clearing)

- Another consistent week with a good work out and a nice longer run. Overall I am very happy with this week, the workout went well and I feel fully recovered from the race last Sunday. With looking at my log I have now been at the 60m mark for a month and need to try and bump it up. The goal for next week is two workouts and hit 63-65m.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Mon- 7m (48:12) w/ Wilson
Tues- am- 4m(27:17) w/Haley
Pm- 7m (46:05) W/ Wilson
Wed- am-5m(28:59) snowy conditions
Thurs- 10m(1:12)
Fri- 3m(19:42)
3m(20:38)Was going for 7, Got a slight head cold so played it safe and took it easy

Sat- off

Sun- DH Jones 10 Miler - 57:28
2.5 warm up 1.5 cool down(dead)

Total- 58m (6days)

This week went very well for me, other then a slight head cold I was very happy. Had a good workout and a great race, I ran this course last year in 60:05, The goal was to try and break 60 which I did. A lot of thanks has to go to Dan V. for making me stay with him when I wanted to give in and slow down. The other guys also ran real well, Fyffe-50:58,Miller-51:50,Hammett-54:09 and Bojo-62(on his second day of racing) Next on the schedule is New Bedford which allows me 3 weeks of training and getting back to longer Sunday runs

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Tues-7m(50:53) very snowy
Wed- Workout 14m
Thurs-7m (47:12)
Fri- 7m (49:32)
Sat- 5m(34:41)
Sun- 13m (2 races mile-4:42,800-2:14)

The goal of the workout was to stay in control and not get in over my head. Doing the workout with Hammett and Boj really helped with that as i was able to just hang onto Hammett. Boj was just a few secs behind on the repeats, Overall i thought the workout went very well. The other guys did a much longer workout 8xmile which basically made me rethink every wanting to do marathon training.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mon- am-4m (28:30)
pm- 5m (31:56)
Tues- am- 5m(34:20)
pm- 7m(48:18)
Wed- am-3m-(21:48)
pm- workout (1x600,200rc,200,3x400,3x200 Full rest)
Thurs-pm-10.24m (69:55)
Sat- am-2.5m(16:29)
pm-Race 3m warm up/warmdown
Sun- Off

So this week went pretty good the workout went well even tho i went with the group I did my own workout which left me to run alone. The race was good I tend to go from one extreme to the other when it comes to racing. I tend to go straight to the lead and try to push then hang on, this weekend I did the opposite and finally took the advice from Hammett and BOJ and got out a bit easier, the only thing other then time that I feel still needs work was that instead of getting into the middle of the pack I went right to the back.Overall I am happy with the week and look forward to next weekend.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This week was more of a resting week I took a good part of the week off. So it wasn't anything to eventful. here is the run down
Sun-8 (4 mile race in concord)
Total- 35
Overall I was happy with how the week went the race was good 22:25 which I will take considering the lack of training and it was very cold and windy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Been a while

So its been some time since i last posted here is the run down of the past few weeks.
I managed to avg. 70-75 miles a week with some good workouts. spent most of the time at drummer hill doing mile repeats. I was able to run 6:01 for a repeat, for those of you who are unaware of drummer its a mile long uphill. 6:01 was a huge PR for that workout. Race wise I did a couple miles 4:41 and a couple 800's 2:12. last weekend I attended the Terrier Invite the plan was try to get around 9:00 for the 3k, I was on pace threw 2k then fell apart ended up running 9:22 so that event has still not gone how i would have liked it to go this season. I was hoping to build on the 9:05 from last.