Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friends of forgotten children

Saturday morning my self and Boj headed over to Concord for the FOFC. The plan was to get into a low key 5k and see how things were going. Neither of us have really done any workouts in some time so there was still question marks about speed and overall fitness. As we arrive for what was advertised to be a 9 AM start we realize this was the first of many misprints, we headed out to do the course as a warm up and saw Derek Hamel which I knew would be up in the front. As the race went out we stuck to the agree upon plan of no faster then 5:30 for the first mile. Over the course of the opening mile we watched Derek open a good lead and knew that he wasn't coming back. We hit the mile in 5:40 which felt easy, I began to push on the second mile this being the first time I have had the feeling being a runner again. I was able to open a gap on Boj over this mile in which I was able to run 5:30. Feeling good going into the final mile I knew that I had to keep pushing because if I gave any sign of fading Boj would gun me down and I am unable to kick with him. I continued to press the final mile and as I approached the 3 mile mark I clicked the watch to see 4:55 and instantly knew something was short I crossed the line in 16:38 and asked Derek if he also thought that was 3. He informed me that the gps on the lead bike read 3.0, Boj finished just a few seconds back and we all headed out for a cool down happy with the efforts. As they skipped the awards which confused me we then found the next misprint in the form which said prizes top 3 it was really only 1st which was a bummer.
4:55 (5:27)

Overall I was happy with the day I have managed to get back into ok shape and now just have to continue to get my fitness back which will need some fine tuning with the long hours are work


  1. Goup, nice run. Sounds like you ran smart and controlled. When I saw the title of this post, I thought you were raising awareness for a cause. I'm in my last week of coaching, we'll have to hook up for some runs.

  2. thanks man, no the only thing I am promoting is the come back and ya we will need to get in a run soon