Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 5

Mon - 7m (50:49) had to work a split shift so we were able to enjoy some day light. Followed with some lifting (legs)
Tues - 7m (45:09) we got rolling pretty well it was a bit cold and was pressed on time to make it to albany for lifting. Last mile in 5:30 felt good, every time Eric pushed I was able to surge with him.
Wed- 8m (61:00) with Meagan. Nice and easy around saratoga.
Thurs - 0 worked a spilt shift which need up just being a full shift then comig back for more. 
Fri - 8.5 (57:40) nice run and good weather. 
Sat - 0m recovery from last night (macknights bday) also went to chowderfest in saratoga. By the time I got home all I wanted as to sleep, so that's what I did.
Sun - 10m did the winter series in Albany went with the short race again 7k they advertised it as a 4m so I had some demons creep up when I hit the final turn for home and realized I was at 23:30 already. Would have been nice to know prior. Overall a good effort 25:00 (5:44) on a solo effort, makes me confident to know when I line up with competition I'll be ready to roll with them. 2nd place was 2:25 back, was all alone after the first 200 meters.

Total - 40m

Not a great mileage week, but had a good workout and good race. Need to have the next two weeks be better mileage wise before heading into DH Jone.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wk 4

Mon- 8m (58:11) bit chilly out, legs felt good for the most part a little tiredness in the right hip flexer
Tues - 0m planned day off from running. Got in a very good lifting session with the team later in the night.
Wed- am - 5m (37:35) woke up wicked early, decided get some extra miles
Pm - 7m (47:17) 
Thurs- am - 3m (21:15) 
Pm - 7m (46:57) was supposed to do a workout but ended up hitting the store after work. Didn't start my run till 9pm, at that point I figured best to push the workout and just get some miles.
Fri - 2m (14:00) was planning to do a workout. My left shin has been sore for a few days but usually fine after a few mins of running. Didn't want to loosen up today. Decided to shut it down for some maintenance.
Sat - am 5+ (37:05) did some drills and rolled out the legs before running. No discomfort in the shin.
Pm - 8+ (58:20) roads were pretty sloppy for the afternoon but still nice to get a easy run in.
Sun - 7+ was supposed to double but never happened. Did the winter series in the morning, ran the 3m (17:23) not nearly as fast as I wanted but there were some bad sections of road and a solo effort so no complaints. Ended up taking a nap when I got home, once I woke up I had no motivation for a 2nd run. Decided to instead go clean my car and do some grocerys. 

Total - 53m with a planes day off and one day for maintenance. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wk 3

Mon - 8+ (60:31) weather was awesome tonight. Only mistake was being vet dressed. Seems weird to say that in mid January.
Tues - 7m (46:35) good run was able to miss majority of the rain. Picked it up over the last couple miles. Afterwards headed to Albany for some weight training..was informed today's gonna suck doing super sets...there was no lie in the statement it sucked..but enjoyed it at the same time.
Wed - 10m (73:13) was extremely sore from yesterday's lift, took the first half of the run to feel like I could lift my legs. Sucked but at least I knew why I was tired/sore.
Thurs- 10m (65:13) got some snow last night so I pushed my workout to indoors on the treadmill. Easy 3m warm up then changed into flats for a 5m controlled tempo. This was the first workout of the season, felt good the first 2-3 miles the last couple I was hurting a bit but never breaking down. Hit the 5m (28:36) had to laugh a bit that's close to the fastest I've raced in the past few years. Pretty happy with the run and can't wait to build on it.
Fri- am - 2.5m (19:43)
Pm - 5+ (38:03) nice easy shake out was feeling pretty sluggish this morning.
Sat- Am - 9m (1:04:22) nice and easy morning run with Eric and Megan. Nice way to start off the day.
Sun - 18.48 (2:09:57) went to the Joe Benny pancake run. First 15 with the group then added on 3m felt really good, on top of that I didn't take any fuel the entire run and still felt stong.

Total - 71m

First week of marathon training went pretty well had a good tempo run and a solid long run.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wk 2

Mon - 9m (60:49) went out into the neighborhoods to avoid traffic. Roads weren't to bad.
Tues - 6m (36:53) on treadmill to damn cold outside. Last mile in 5:14 felt good. Afterwards went down to FF for some heavy lifting with the team. 
Wed- 8+ (54:30) got a late start to the run, mainly do to watch the mighty duck which didn't end till 8pm. Oh well it was an awesome run.
Thurs - 10++(1:15:04) nice and easy run, followed by hitting the gym ( right next to our house) nice little gym and quite. Proceeded with a legs day.
Fri - 5m - (43:14) Legs were sore all day, decided for a slow and easy recovery run.
Sat - 10m (69:50) w/Eric and Meagan Hogan. nice weather and good run the last 10 mins or so there was a bit of rain but nothing to impact the run. Pasted by a place we were looking at for next year possible.
Sun - 14++ (1:43:36) In Albany with the Fleet Feet team, started out pretty relaxed and worked our way down around 10.5 - 11m a group picked it up to finish out the run. I stayed back with one of the girls, funny part was we were still hitting 630-640 pace.

Total -63m

Summary - Good week starting to build the miles up and feeling good doing so, had a nice progression run on Tuesday and 2 solid days lifting. Next week will be around 70m and need to keep up with the lifting days / progression runs.