Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 5

Mon - 7m (50:49) had to work a split shift so we were able to enjoy some day light. Followed with some lifting (legs)
Tues - 7m (45:09) we got rolling pretty well it was a bit cold and was pressed on time to make it to albany for lifting. Last mile in 5:30 felt good, every time Eric pushed I was able to surge with him.
Wed- 8m (61:00) with Meagan. Nice and easy around saratoga.
Thurs - 0 worked a spilt shift which need up just being a full shift then comig back for more. 
Fri - 8.5 (57:40) nice run and good weather. 
Sat - 0m recovery from last night (macknights bday) also went to chowderfest in saratoga. By the time I got home all I wanted as to sleep, so that's what I did.
Sun - 10m did the winter series in Albany went with the short race again 7k they advertised it as a 4m so I had some demons creep up when I hit the final turn for home and realized I was at 23:30 already. Would have been nice to know prior. Overall a good effort 25:00 (5:44) on a solo effort, makes me confident to know when I line up with competition I'll be ready to roll with them. 2nd place was 2:25 back, was all alone after the first 200 meters.

Total - 40m

Not a great mileage week, but had a good workout and good race. Need to have the next two weeks be better mileage wise before heading into DH Jone.

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