Friday, February 7, 2014

Week 6

Mon - 8.5m was pretty tired from this past weekend. Could feel the legs but always happy to get out the door.
Tues - 9+ (60:30) took the day off from work, get some relaxing in and hustled out a relaxed run before heading to lifting.
Wed - 7.5 (60:00) in the storm stayed in the neighborhoods, made it the whole run with only one close call. In the final min I felt my feet slip and was very close to busting my ass, some how saved it.
Thurs - 6m (40:20) just a lazy day, lacked the motivation to run. Almost thought it was going to be a zero but around 9pm I got that surge I was looking for, got my lazy ass up and out the door. It was awesome to run.
Fri - 7m (46:20) was nice to run in some daylight before heading over to Keene. Felt really relaxed a bit surprised by the time and the effort.
Sat - 7m (49:00) in Keene keep it easy with the planned run for tomorrow.
Sun - 24m (2:42:19) this was an awesome run with some lifers! Meet up at Ferenc's house, rode over to the marathon loop with Josh, Greg and Eric. We rolled out on the loop seeming very relaxed. A few rollers in the early parts but mostly flatish around an hour in we turned to a dirt road and hit a beastly climb (never fails on a Ferenc run) after a 20min climb we were coming down the back side heading towards town. Almost as soon as we got onto pavement again the pace began to increase, we started to roll into town. Made one quick pit stop at the graffton county store for a drink the proceeded to roll in the final 4-4.5 miles.

This was an awesome run with some great friends, always enjoy running with this group.

Total - 69m 

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