Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 7

Mon - 7.5 (60:00) keep it very easy today, legs felt good. Only issue was a strange discomfort in my right side / hip, hopefully it's nothing.
Tues - 0m decided to heat and rest my side.
Wed- 5m (38:30) side felt much better then Monday, had a few twinges here and there. For the most part felt good.
Thurs - 5m (33:06) ran on the treadmill, side was a bit sore to start felt good once I picked up the pace. Last 1.5m (8:00)
Fri- 9m (1:02:34) first full run with no pain in my side.
Sat- 11m (1:15:00) with Renee, Johanna and Eric. Keep it honest, legs were a bit tired today.
Sun- 7m (52:09) needed a rest day, slept in and took a short day on the treadmill.

Total - 45.5m 

Tough week not sure what caused my right side to hurt but put a bit of a damper on my week. 

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