Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wk 4

Mon- 8m (58:11) bit chilly out, legs felt good for the most part a little tiredness in the right hip flexer
Tues - 0m planned day off from running. Got in a very good lifting session with the team later in the night.
Wed- am - 5m (37:35) woke up wicked early, decided get some extra miles
Pm - 7m (47:17) 
Thurs- am - 3m (21:15) 
Pm - 7m (46:57) was supposed to do a workout but ended up hitting the store after work. Didn't start my run till 9pm, at that point I figured best to push the workout and just get some miles.
Fri - 2m (14:00) was planning to do a workout. My left shin has been sore for a few days but usually fine after a few mins of running. Didn't want to loosen up today. Decided to shut it down for some maintenance.
Sat - am 5+ (37:05) did some drills and rolled out the legs before running. No discomfort in the shin.
Pm - 8+ (58:20) roads were pretty sloppy for the afternoon but still nice to get a easy run in.
Sun - 7+ was supposed to double but never happened. Did the winter series in the morning, ran the 3m (17:23) not nearly as fast as I wanted but there were some bad sections of road and a solo effort so no complaints. Ended up taking a nap when I got home, once I woke up I had no motivation for a 2nd run. Decided to instead go clean my car and do some grocerys. 

Total - 53m with a planes day off and one day for maintenance. 

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