Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wk 3

Mon - 8+ (60:31) weather was awesome tonight. Only mistake was being vet dressed. Seems weird to say that in mid January.
Tues - 7m (46:35) good run was able to miss majority of the rain. Picked it up over the last couple miles. Afterwards headed to Albany for some weight training..was informed today's gonna suck doing super sets...there was no lie in the statement it sucked..but enjoyed it at the same time.
Wed - 10m (73:13) was extremely sore from yesterday's lift, took the first half of the run to feel like I could lift my legs. Sucked but at least I knew why I was tired/sore.
Thurs- 10m (65:13) got some snow last night so I pushed my workout to indoors on the treadmill. Easy 3m warm up then changed into flats for a 5m controlled tempo. This was the first workout of the season, felt good the first 2-3 miles the last couple I was hurting a bit but never breaking down. Hit the 5m (28:36) had to laugh a bit that's close to the fastest I've raced in the past few years. Pretty happy with the run and can't wait to build on it.
Fri- am - 2.5m (19:43)
Pm - 5+ (38:03) nice easy shake out was feeling pretty sluggish this morning.
Sat- Am - 9m (1:04:22) nice and easy morning run with Eric and Megan. Nice way to start off the day.
Sun - 18.48 (2:09:57) went to the Joe Benny pancake run. First 15 with the group then added on 3m felt really good, on top of that I didn't take any fuel the entire run and still felt stong.

Total - 71m

First week of marathon training went pretty well had a good tempo run and a solid long run.

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  1. Big week. I bet those pancakes tasted pretty good on Sunday!