Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wk 2

Mon - 9m (60:49) went out into the neighborhoods to avoid traffic. Roads weren't to bad.
Tues - 6m (36:53) on treadmill to damn cold outside. Last mile in 5:14 felt good. Afterwards went down to FF for some heavy lifting with the team. 
Wed- 8+ (54:30) got a late start to the run, mainly do to watch the mighty duck which didn't end till 8pm. Oh well it was an awesome run.
Thurs - 10++(1:15:04) nice and easy run, followed by hitting the gym ( right next to our house) nice little gym and quite. Proceeded with a legs day.
Fri - 5m - (43:14) Legs were sore all day, decided for a slow and easy recovery run.
Sat - 10m (69:50) w/Eric and Meagan Hogan. nice weather and good run the last 10 mins or so there was a bit of rain but nothing to impact the run. Pasted by a place we were looking at for next year possible.
Sun - 14++ (1:43:36) In Albany with the Fleet Feet team, started out pretty relaxed and worked our way down around 10.5 - 11m a group picked it up to finish out the run. I stayed back with one of the girls, funny part was we were still hitting 630-640 pace.

Total -63m

Summary - Good week starting to build the miles up and feeling good doing so, had a nice progression run on Tuesday and 2 solid days lifting. Next week will be around 70m and need to keep up with the lifting days / progression runs.

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