Tuesday, December 31, 2013

WK 1

Official the first week of the new training log! Time to get back to updating the blog, and to answer Boj's question before he asks the week number is just easier and (actual) trying something new.

Mon - 10+ - headed out to Miller rd for some hill repeats, got in a 3m warm up + strides.
Goal 5-6 x 800 repeats plan to run relaxed and get up the hill. Was interesting to do a workout with only the headlamps for light. times - 3:04/3:02/3:02/3:01/2:57. had a 2++ cool down back to the house.

Tues - Am - 3m - 24:23 W/Derrick (legs pretty sore)

Pm - 5m - 36:47 on treadmill started snowing out and plan cold (no want to deal with this on a solo run)

Wed - 12m - 1:21:09 Was planning to do the Hang Over Half and see where I was at, that didn't happen got a horrible nights sleep and my body felt like shit. I pulled the plug at 7m and jogged off 3m to complete the day. Off day but looking forward to the rest of the year, and got some useful advice...In short "you need to have a race and pull your head outta your ass" and i agree 100% sometimes you just need someone else to remind you of that.

Thurs - 5m (31:22) last mile 5:11 on treadmill. Didn't start my run till 8:45 was happy with the run. Last mile hurt I need to do that more often

Fri - 0 Traveled over to keene right after work

Sat - 5m (at the track)

Sun - 10m - 1:09:22 was real nice to run beech hill while in keene, roads were quite and had some decent weather.

Total - 51m

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