Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 review

A little early on the 2013 review but with the racing season done I'll get this done early. This year was a mixed bag I started the year with a few poor performances (again). I made the decision to switch things up and have someone else coach me. This was a completely different approach then I had ever taken with training. Most of the time I was tired and not seeing the results when I raced, I was assured that this is how I should feel at the time and things would turn around. Unfortunately my body had different plans, around mid June/early July my achilles acted up for the first time in a while. This lead to a solid 3/4 weeks off, in that time it was a nice physical and mental break from running. This also began to fuel the fire again, I began to look around at what some others were doing and what I had done in the past. One HUGE portion that I noticed is a lot of ppl were out working me. Doing the miles and the niddy griddy (as Wilson would put it). Once I resumed training it was back to square 1, this involved a slow build up and racing back into shape. This got me a season pr in the 5k and the best 5k in the past few years of 16:38 (nothing amazing but a step). Along with this the decision was made to add strides and weight training back into the plan. Luckily the fleet feet team has a personal trainer (man it's tough). All this brought back the hunger and the mind set that I need to get back to out working ppl and everything will fall back into place.

As far as 2014 go I look forward to the challenge of getting it back. I'm going to continue with the weights and extra stuff. Also want to get back to how I was in college (being a mileage hound) which started again this past week with a nice 16m run to end the week. I hope by putting in all the work the results will come......only time will tell

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