Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mon- am-4m (28:30)
pm- 5m (31:56)
Tues- am- 5m(34:20)
pm- 7m(48:18)
Wed- am-3m-(21:48)
pm- workout (1x600,200rc,200,3x400,3x200 Full rest)
Thurs-pm-10.24m (69:55)
Sat- am-2.5m(16:29)
pm-Race 3m warm up/warmdown
Sun- Off

So this week went pretty good the workout went well even tho i went with the group I did my own workout which left me to run alone. The race was good I tend to go from one extreme to the other when it comes to racing. I tend to go straight to the lead and try to push then hang on, this weekend I did the opposite and finally took the advice from Hammett and BOJ and got out a bit easier, the only thing other then time that I feel still needs work was that instead of getting into the middle of the pack I went right to the back.Overall I am happy with the week and look forward to next weekend.

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