Monday, March 22, 2010


Mon-am 7m (47:58)
pm 5m (32:56) w/jimmy
Tues-am 11m(1:13:18)
Wed-pm 11m (workout) (2x2mile-11:16,11:01 1x800-2:28 Rest-400)
Thurs-pm-11m (1:17:31)
Fri-7m (51:55)
Sat-10m (race) (4.5m-25:46,5:44)-very challenging
Sun-9m (61:01)

Race- The race was a tough course, although we did get lucky to have no wind it was also a bit chilly out for the 9:15 start. Got out pretty well with a 5:18 first mile then hit the climb was 11:08 at 2 and began to feel the tiredness set in made it to 3(16:52) and 4(22:52). overall for the course and how i felt I am happy it was a bit hard to figure out why I was off but looking at it I am 6days from a running a pr in the half and have also increased my miles this week, so all in all it adds up pretty well.

Overall- This was a good week built my mileage up from the 57 a week to 70, just gotta hold that for a couple weeks and hopefully my body will adjust quickly. Had one ok race and a good workout

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