Monday, March 8, 2010


Today me and Najem headed over to the track, we were doing a combined but separate workout. As I was doing 6x1000 Najem was doing 5x1200 and then pulled me through the first 600 of my final 1k. The workout went very smooth as we worked together during the intervals I would lead the first 400-600 meters before Najem would float by, yes I said float, as I felt I was putting in a solid effort he made it look easy. Here is how it went.

I did the workout with 400 rest and 800 rest between sets, other than getting out a bit fast on the first set I thought it went very well as the plan was to try and keep them all between 3:05-3:10, which other then 2 intervals I managed to do. So the plan is to get another workout in later this week and with the way the weather is looking doesn't seem like it will be hard to get motivated.

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