Monday, September 27, 2010


Mon- Am. uptempo Yale 7 Close from Bridge (1.4-1.5 miles out)
43:56 (8:05 from bridge)
Tues- Am. 5m 35:00 robin hood park
Wed- Pm. Robin hoods (1350meter trail loop) 3m warm up 3xrobin hoods 1m cool down
times:4:40,4:37,4:39. 7m total
Thurs- Am 5m 35:00 Road loop
Fri- 5m 39:41 Robin hood park
Sat- 11m. First fitness test, KSC invite 30:04. Its a starting point and had not achilles pain.
Sun- Am Beech Hill 7 from house 52:31.

Total- 47m

Overall- Felt good this week got in 2 good workouts and a good race (for my current fitness) It was nice to run hard again, my achilles seems to be getting better each day and hasn't been sore all week.

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