Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bedford 12K&5K

Today I traveled over to Bedford NH to run the Bedford 12K. After arriving at the race around 7am I met up with the CMS guys and headed out for a warm up. After about a 3m warm-up I got ready to run my first 12k. The first mile was flat and down hill which made for a quicker start then planned. I felt strong threw 4miles at that point I felt the wheel's come off a bit, I tried to hold it together but keep slipping back until I found myself in no man's land. I tried to re-rally after mile 6 but couldn't really get it going until i crossed mile 7 I all of a sudden found a way to change gears and get going. I was a happy with the race but had hoped to hold it together a bit better. Also I was very happy that we won the team title as the front guys put in some very solid efforts.

Total- 42:24

Afterward I got the idea to jump in the 5k as Haley,Brandon and Sam were running it. I figured this at the least would be a good workout and thought I might have a shot at top 3. I got out very controlled and just tried to sit on the 3rd place runner and see what the chances would be of moving up. As we got to the mile I found myself in a group of 4. After about .5miles I fell off the pace a bit and found myself in 5th trying to catch up on already tired legs. I was unable to close the gap on the guys in front of me, I had a good feeling that I wasn't gonna catch them as I know Sam pretty well and he was showing no signs of fading neither was the guy right behind him. I was pretty happy with the race as I only had a hour break between races, I was also happy with how Sam Brandon and Haley ran. Both Sam and Brandon haven't been racing in some time so it was good to see them running.



  1. I still can't believe you doubled-up. But being crazy can be a good thing. What will you do in Rhody when there's only 1 race?