Monday, January 23, 2012


Mon - 8+ (1:06:40) Nice and easy run, still very sore from yesterday. The plan was to keep it very easy today which we did.
Tues- 10+ (1:10:23) Comfortable run, got a later start due to I had a late meeting (that work thing) Feeling much better then yesterday. we are thinking of a workout on thursday.
Wed - 11m (1:12:16) Felt good today, we got out before the sun went down today so got the first 6-7m in some day light. We got after it a bit the last few miles.
Thurs - 11m+ (workout)
Fri - 5m (40:00)
Sat- 13m (1:27:33) in putney w/ Fyffe and Ferenc
Sun - 19m (2:07:39) W/ Najem ,Fyffe , Ferenc and Hammett.

Total - 77m

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