Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/16 - 2/22 (treadmill bonding)

With the obvious weather we've all been experiencing I've been driven to the treadmill spending some quality time staring out that window!

Mon - 4:30pm- 9m (1:00) went down to the YMCA and got myself a membership. After completing the paperwork and finding out my work gives me a credit for using the Y things were going pretty well.
I didn't have much of a plan for the run but wanted to get some type of effort in. Decided to do a 3m tempo (1st 2m at GMP and last mile at GHP) got in a 3m warm up before dropping the pace down, 1st 2m @ 6min pace and bringing the last mile to 5:39 pace. Legs were a bit sore but otherwise smooth and relaxed. I finished up with a 3m cooldown keeping it all under 7's to make sure I got 9m.
7:30pm - 1hr massage

Tues - 5:00am- 5m (40:01) met Renee at the Y at 4:55 to get in a morning run. Never realized how many people are up early working out. Keep it very easy for this run, i enjoyed having the treadmill as I didn't have to remind myself to keep the run easy just floated along.

4:40pm - 7m (45:09) never been so happy to get outside!! Had some light soreness from yesterday's massage but otherwise relaxed. A huge plus!! All in daylight!! Means springs getting here somewhere!!

Wed - 4:30pm -  10m (4xhills rd) 
Got out for a 3m warm up and headed over towards hills rd. After a few drills got going with the workout, was nice to have company on the hill today (Macknight) started a little bit back from my previous workout but no real change in the times. After the 1st rep everything felt warmed up, this is normal for me takes a rep or two for my hamstrings to really loosen up.
Results. - 3:03/3:00/2:57/2:57
The last rep I got out a bit to relaxed and hit my split marker almost 3secs back from the 3rd rep. I had to make a conscious effort on the 2nd half to close the gap, was happy to have that ability to change gears and close the gap.

Thurs - 5:10am - 5m (40:08) Met Renee at the Y for another morning run, the weather wasn't to bad but with the wind picking up and snow starting its safer to stay indoors. Legs were a little stiff from yesterday but loosened up pretty quick. I'm starting to enjoy these morning run - gets the day off on a good note.

4:15pm - 5m (35:08) went back to the Y right after work, unfortunately all the treadmills where filled up. Made my way over to the indoor track (13 laps to a mile) and proceeded with my run there. I've been pretty lucky with the track as each time I have had to use it there hasn't been to much of a crowd. Finished off with some strides.

Fri - 5:05am - 5m (38:08) had an interesting start to the morning. I decided to leave some stuff locked in a locker knowing I would be back in the AM. I'll be nice and say an older gentleman (again being nice) made some rude comment about my lock being there. Normally I would have acknowledged this but there are no posted "rules" nor was I informed of this when I signed up. He basically complained that your not supposed to leave stuff over night..whatever thats fine, but the fact of having a fit with over 200 free lockers threw me off. As it was 5am and I really wasn't awake to respond I gave the typical should shrug and walked away..needless to say I had some hatefully looks as I ran on the treadmill..and just out of spite I left my shit for my afternoon run right in the locker. 

3:40pm - 7m (46:08) met Renee at the Y for an afternoon run. Decided to throw in a paced mile to break up the run, nothing crazy but felt good to open it up (5:22)

Sat - 9:15am - 8m (58:27) met with Megan Hogan and ran on the indoor track. Was nice to catch up over the run. Went back to the Y for a PM at 5:45 to find out they closed at 6. Threw a bit of a wrench into plans.

Sun- 8am - 11.5m (1:29:20) met Renee and Erin at the Y for a run around clifton park. Was so happy to be outdoors, the roads were a bit sloppy overall a good run.

3pm - 7m (46:06) Gavs came up to the house for a run. Roads were much clearer and still warm out, legs felt good.

Summary - 80m for the week, was a huge help having the gym for these cold days. Had 2 solid workouts with a higher mileage sunday. No pain in the left leg or hip, gives me some confidence I can get back to full long runs.

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