Friday, March 13, 2015

3/9 - 3/15 race week

After a few good weeks of workouts and some pretty decent miles I'm finally ready to toe the line and kick off 2015. As I prepare for my first race of the year it's nerve racking and also relaxing to only have my training as an indicator. Along with that I've backed the miles down a tad to hopefully put a little extra pop in te legs.

Mon - 5am - 6++ (50:40) in the neighborhoods with Jessy. Legs were feeling really good which was a nice sign with 20 done yesterday.

5pm - 5+ (35:04) solo around town, was awesome to run in shorts!!

Tues - 440pm - 10m (66:07) decided to sleep in and just get a run in the afternoon. Had no plans for the run other then the mileage, I hit the halfway point and checked the split (33:45) was kinda surprised and just cruised it home.

Wed - 5am - 7+ (50:16) picked up Jessy and headed down to Wood Rd to run her workout. Got in a 2m warm up then got going, the plan was a 2m TT a bit hard to do a time trail in the dark. Even with the darkness this workout was crushed (12:11) Boom! We jogged back to the car to get just over 7m..not a bad way to start your day.

430pm - 5m (36:56) had planned to do another tempo in the Pm but got side railed with work. Had to be back at 7 which ment on the road by 6, wasn't feeling the run an needed sometime to unwind before a workout. Comically I returned from my run to a voicemail that I was no longer needed to come in. Score one for the good guys!!

Thurs - 415pm - 5+ (39:38) met Renee in clifton park for an easy run. Planned a short day today to help cut my miles down a bit. 
730pm - 1hr massage

Fri - 5am - 5+ (42:54) ran in the neighborhoods with Jessy. Was a little cool out this morning, legs and back feel good and relaxed.

5pm - 5m (35:46) in the neighborhoods solo. Felt a bit sluggish but mainly due to being over dressed.

Sat - 10am - 5m (34:53) legs feel good looking forward to tomorrow.

630pm - 3m (21:30) around New Bedford with Jessy

Sun - 11am  - 18m New Bedford half marathon. (1:18:09) race report to follow.

Summary - 76m a bit down this week with the miles but that was planned with the race. No real workout this week, and 1 decent race. Not really happy with the time but not really down about it either. 1st race of 2015 is out of the way and the focus remains on VCM!

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