Saturday, January 8, 2011


Instead of doing a Review of the past year I would rather look forward to this up coming racing year. I have some new goals and also some roll over ones. 1st is to stay Healthy. As for racing, 5k- sub 16, 5m- 26:30's 10m- 55 half- 1:12 and Marathon- sub 2:40. Outside of that I just want to enjoy my winter racing, been having one of my better winters and looking to translate that to the roads this summer. As for the team I want to move up the list which might be a bit harder considering we added some more strong runners. All in all I am ready to get back at the races with the team, The 1st mini meet was a reminder of how much fun it is....

1 comment:

  1. Jeff, I like your racing goals...You are VERY capable indeed of running all of those times and then some..that sub 16 5k will be shattered this year, MULTIPLE times by you ...mark my words... let's do this!