Monday, September 26, 2011

Brock Trot 10k (Lenox MA)

On Sunday I headed down to to Lenox mass for the Brock Trot 10k with a few members of the stryders. We arrived at 8am for the 9am start. My shin was still sore from the run the day before so i decided to take some Advil to try and easy the pain. I noticed that the 10k field was pretty stacked and the 5k not so much. As the race went out I wanted to try and stay in the top 10 (as that's were the prizes were). I went out with Tim Mahoney and the rest of the pack, the top 2 were way out in front we hit the mile in 5:02 and i knew it was going to be a interesting day. After hitting some hills in the 2nd and 3rd mile my shin began to hurt more and more with the climbing and descending. By 4m(22:49) I was hurting pretty bad when the 2nd women had now caught up i tried to help her thinking that maybe i could battle back, the harder i tried to run the more my shin hurt after 4.5 i decided to jog in and try to stay on softer ground. After the race I immediately got ice, not sure what what is wrong with my shin but hoping its not to serious.
For now i am going to take time off until i can walk with out any pain.

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  1. hope you're feeling better Goup :)