Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 2

Mon - 6xMile (1.1 loop ) @ GMP ( 90 Sec recovery ) Did this workout on a loop at the state park with Shaun. It has rolling hills one direction has a long climb on the way back is just a short hill but still need to work the down's to hit the times.
Times- 6:39(6:09) 6:39(6:09) 6:27(5:58) 6:24(5:55) 6:17(5:49) 6:05(5:37)...Felt really good out there today, it was good to have Shaun there to help with the pacing..(11m)
Tues - 7+ (47:40) Around GF campus legs felt heavy for first 20 mins felt really good after.
Wed - 2x 1.5m loop hills. first loop felt a sluggish on the first loop. felt a lot better on the second loop. 1st loop did min on min off. second loop 2 min on 1 off (9m)
Thurs - 3m am....late night at work no Pm run
Fri - 0 late night at work went to concert
Sat- 3m
Sun - 18m Saratoga half

Total - 51m

Overall- Got more miles then last week. 1 good workout 1 Ok race, Need to keep building my miles and continue to hit the long runs. hoping to get 1-2 more races in before CCM

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