Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/21-1/27 no terrier

Mon - 0m had a going away event for a co-worker. Took a day to relax before I start to bring the miles back up. After Sundays race it confirmed I won't be at the terrier invite haven't run fast enough.
Tues 9+ on the treadmill at PF not sure the distance 100% as on of my ear buds feel out I hit the stop button at about 6m and had to restart. Ended up doing my like 2m with no music as I tried new headphones and they wouldn't stay in. Got some lifting afterwards.
Wed - 9m (60:48) on the treadmill again, this time no real head phone issues. Cracked it down to 520 for the last 2m and with about 200 to go as I hit a hour the treadmill threw a curve ball (cool down) changing the pace very quickly I was able to recover and get it back to 7min pace to close out the 9.
Thurs- 0m felt pretty tired all day and decided to take a nap when I got home. This turned into sleeping till 8 at that point I knew the gym wasn't going to happen. Made some dinner then back to bed at 1030 for a total of 13hrs of sleep.
Fri- 5m (39:40) finally out doors!! Felt a bit off being out side but we were able to get in a easy jog instead of using the treadmill.
Sat- 12m (1:24:xx) in Ballston spa with the willow crew. A bit cold to start but not bad once we got going. Afterwards we headed to Lowell to meet Brandon and Mel, then off to BU to watch Rupp race the was awesome.
Sun- 15+ (1:42:20) from my parents house. Went down thru Dover then back up the back roads to complete the loop. It was awesome out, a little bit of head wind coming back to Barrington but still a great run.

Total - 50m (5days)

No workout this week with being on the treadmill. Be back to working out this up coming week and possible race at Dartmouth.

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