Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Mon- 6+ (44:11) nice shakeout run in between the snow and freezing rain. We had about an hour gap between them to sneak a run in.
Tues - 7+ (51:44) didn't get out till 8:30pm it was raining from 5-8 we checked outside at 815 and realized we had a gap between the rain storms.
Wed - 9+ (1:01:22) Overdressed with (half-tights, long and short sleeve, hat and gloves) Big surprise considering its still January. Other then that it was a perfect night for a run, slight fog in some areas and minimal traffic.
Thurs - 8m (58:05) complete change from yesterday...back to cold and windy. Got out the door fairly early tonight before we head out for a bit for Eric's bday!
Fri - 0m Was a bit lazy today, was feeling a bit under the weather. Made the decision to take a day off and get some extra rest.
Sat - Am 5m (33:57) Got out early, keep it really relaxed and felt really comfortable.
Pm - 7m (44:17) Got out around 3pm and just wanted to cover some distance, made a decision on some loops around the area felt really relaxed and could have keep going.
Sun - 20m (2:11:30) Went down to Albany to do the winter series run. They had a 4,10 and 20 mile race, a lot of people were doing the 10 and trying to chase some fast times. Myself, Jim and Joe were all doing the 20m and were looking for a long run, both of those guys are real tough runners. We keep it at a honest pace and Joe had us bouncing between 6:25 - 6:30 pace, I was a bit nervous when I heard the pace only 5m into the run but figured it didn't feel hard so I would stick with them. I stayed with them until about 15m when I originally thought I had fallen off the pace, I continued to cruise along and remind myself it was only a long run and that I didn't want to go to the well to try and catch up. Found out shortly after the finish that they had cranked the pace down to 6:0x's for the final 5m. Overall a great run and good way to finish off the week.

Total - 63m

Happy with the week and looking forward to racing next week at the bradford 5m. This was also a big confidence booster with DH Jones being 3 weeks away. Starting to think I am rounding into shape and ready to run a good race.

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