Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/7 - 1/13

Mon- 0 scheduled day off. After a long day at work I decided to take the day off instead of doing a shake out. Used the new mini pizza stone I received over Christmas. And made a spinach and kale pizza. The pizza was great pizza stone 1 use only I guess.
Tues - 10m (68:18) met up with Derrick at 6pm (he is coming back from a hip injury , modified loop to keep his miles lower. Then added on to get the full distance. Had a quick snack then to PF for some lifting
Wed- 8m another longer day at work lead to me not getting out the door till 7pm for my workout. I made the trip to par del rip (a back road) to do the planned 4x2/2x4/1x8/2x4/4x2 workout. With it being on the road and at night we use the side streets as markers which make some of the reps a bit longer. One would thing no big deal but trying to rip a 200 and having to go 7-8 seconds longer just plan sucks!!! The times are converted to meet the planned workout 33/34/34/35/73/71/231/70/73/33/34/34/34. Overall not a bad workout I was a bit over dressed but happy I got the work in.
Thurs - 7m (45:32) was a weird day after lunch today I became extremely tired. Got home just after 5, decided to lay down for a min...woke up at 640 and had the light not been on I probably wouldn't have got up.
Fri- 8.5 (54:53) was supposed to be a 20min tempo in the middle. Due to rain and slippery roads we decided to bag the tempo and just run. Surprisingly was able to cruise where the roads were clear.
Sat- 8.5 (track workout) 8x400 full rest went pretty good. Legs were a bit tight from minimal stretching yesterday. Times: 69/73/70/72/71/72/70/71
Seemed to not be able to roll as much in one direction as I could the other, was a bit stranger but never the less got it done.
Sun - 16m (1:54:30) Went down to Albany and ran around while people were doing the winter series, ran the first 10k with Andrew McCarthy. I took a quick bathroom break before going back out did a mile or so with Rich and Shaun, headed back out to do a loop on the course caught up to some people and ran with someone from utopia it was pretty cool we talked about the mountain racing scene. With 2 miles to go I picked it up to catch a co-worker and help him finish up, I could see him in the distance and he was checking the watch a lot. Usually a sign of hurting caught up and ran the like 1-1.5 to the finish to close out the day.

Total - 57m (6days)

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