Wednesday, January 2, 2013

12/31 - 1/6

Mon - 10.2 (70:20) Up over beach hill, pretty relaxed run was really nice to go and get some hills in during the run.
Tues - 5m plus strides, forgot my watch at the house and just wanted to get in something and recover from the previous night.
Wed - 10m (3x1000) 5min rest. Mapped out a loop in the neighborhoods to try and hind from the wind and traffic, was pretty chilly out tonight (15) got in a solid warm-up and strides before jumping into the workout. Eric picked me up in the final 400 of each set to help me finish up. Times were 304/259/300. pretty good confidence booster going into the reggie meet this weekend.
Thurs - 8m (57:19) A lot of back and forth while watching Eric do his workout. keep it really easy with some random pick-ups to help Eric in parts of his workout. Another cold one out today and taking it easy until the meet this weekend.
Fri - 5+ (36:45) Nice and easy shakeout run. Was pretty nice out compared the weather lately.
Sat - 6m Reggie meet (mile -447) was supposed to do the mile/800 double. The mile was ok SB but got caught in no mans land..I know how in a mile. Oh well be better at the next one. The 800 was a mess checked in before a short jog, went to get my hip number for the heat and there was no heat sheet. I asked the official who only had the response of No. I was a bit confused but the lack of effort to help someone. He then was very rude to the GBTC coach which was even more confusing as we asked simple questions. By the time the 2nd heat was off I was still looking for a heat sheet and decided it just wasn't going to happen. Unfortunate that some people are like that.
Sun- am 7m (47:19) with KSC boys
Pm - 3m (21:02)

Total- 54m

Stopped off and chatted with Wilson for a bit. Always good to get some motivation for the up coming weeks. Also started a new regiment for my vitamin intake and ran it by Wilson and Pete. Seems this is fixing what I was missing in 1 week went from 147(ouch) to 141 going in the right direction!

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