Thursday, January 17, 2013


Mon - 0 scheduled day off. Was nice to relax and get everything together for the week without having to worry about time to run.
Tues - 10.5 (67:57) met up with Derrick and did a loop with him. Then added on thru the neighborhoods. Felt relaxed and easy.
Wed- 8m (workout) did 6x4/6x2 alternating all on 200 rest. Went really well was able to run smooth and felt like I had some extra gears if I needed them. Times: 72/35/72/35/73/35/72/34/72/34/70/33 did the workout on the side road which I am starting to get used too. Looking forward to the GBTC meet this weekend.
Thurs - 9+ (62:14) nice and easy recovery run. A bit chilly out tonight but nothing to bad.
Fri - 7.5 (52:43) Really cold out tonight, we decided to just do a out and back thru the high school. Running wise everything was good the temps tho sucked I hate having to wear that much cloths to run and not freeze.
Sat - 5+ (33:09) Was a bit over dressed really didn't need the jacket or hat, wasn't really paying attention to my watch just tried to keep my breathing and form relaxed. Cruised thru the run with little effort, seems things are starting to line up.
Sun - 8m went to the GBTC track meet, pretty easy ride down in the am, planned to run the mile/800 had some hopes that I would get a break thru race didn't quite happen. Ended up 4:48 for the mile just didn't have that confidence to try and run with the leaders. The 800 was a bit of. A rush I expected to have the invite then at least one open heat before me. Ended up just being one open heat, I was one of the last seeds and knew I would get pulled out fast. Which was a bit of a confidence boost to get out fast and not die to bad.

Not sure when the next race will be with the restrictions on the next few meets maybe Dartmouth or I will hold off till the USATF meet.

Total - 49 miles
The next few weeks I gotta bump the miles a bit and keep doing the speed work.

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