Friday, March 22, 2013

New Bedford

3/17 - Today was the New Bedford Half the 2nd race of the GP series. Was thinking I could run around 76mins, had a short trip over to the race as we stayed about 15mins away from the race. Arrived nice and early to get my number and catch up with some of the guys. Got in a east 2m warm-up with Hammett before making our way to the starting line, got into the 3rd row partially in a attempt to avoid the wind. I got out pretty relaxed over the first couple miles. I haven't done much for mileage or long runs so the thought of bonking was in the back of my mind, after 2m the lead women caught up to me I tried to stay relaxed and not worry about what was going on around me. Once we hit the down hill miles I tried to pick it up, at 5m Sam Wood was on the course and gave me some encouraging words. Shortly after a runner from TNT went by and I was able to latch on to him, I came thru 10m in 58:43 shortly after this I started to fall apart the last 5k was a struggle. I was happy that I continued to try and fight to catch up with the group in front of me.
Afterwards got in a good cool down with Hammett, Double J and KG quickly made our way inside to grab some food and relax for a bit before hitting the road.

Overall a rough day.


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