Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/3 - 12/9

Mon - Off
Tues - 10m (1:07:57) had to work late so I needed to run the morning, which was awesome to get to run in the daylight.
Wed - 7m (8x400) half rest. Eric was going to Cali, so I was set out to do the workout solo. Took a bit of self-motivation to get out the door. The workout went well first speed workout of the season, can't wait till those other gears come back. (75,75,74,75,75,76,74,74)
Thurs - Am 5+ (35:41) Day off from work and didn't get out until 12, being a bit lazy
Pm - 3m (22:14) no motivation to get out the door just needed to get something in.
Fri - 7m (50:41) in Pisgah with Hammett, it was awesome to be on the trails
Sat - 8m - Went to the jingle bell 5k with Hammett, I needed to do a 20min tempo and figured this would work well. It was 33 and raining I now agree with Hammett  but that is by far the worst possible weather. 5k didn't go to well 17:51 but oh well things happen.
Sun - 18*ish (2:21:05) Couldn't turn down the opportunity to run with Ferenc and Bojo. We knew it was going to be keep under control as Ferenc has be sick and is coming back. A awesome run with the guys and the girls. I was extremely happy to be on trails again..Man do I miss the trails.

Total - 58m

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