Thursday, June 25, 2015

6/22 - 6/28

Mon - 430pm - 5m (34:53) ugh! Felt tired and legs were pretty tight. Seemed to be loosing motivation all day.

615pm - 1hr Massage - glad to get back to these. Surprisingly half my body wasn't bad, right calf and hamstring where horrible!

Tues - 530pm - 10m (1:06:55) got out between storms and tried to keep it relaxed. I caught myself a few times getting going and was able to back it down.

Wed- 730pm - 7+ (51:15) had a long one today - 11+ hrs of being out in the sun, I was pretty spent when I got home. Overall felt good for the run, and more recharged when I got home.

Thurs - 0 no motivation, laid on the couch for a while with the intention to go out for a run. Turned into - falling asleep on the couch and going to bed.

Fri - 450am - 3+ (24:45) sweet rd loop. Knew I had to be up early for work and woke up prior to my alarm. Felt great getting a morning run in.

7pm - 6m (41:41) easy through the neighborhoods.

10pm - Beer mile - holy hell! Tons of fun, hurt like hell. We all decided afterwards to do a 4x4 and had a 2 team race, we had some added spectators as someone called the police about a large group on the track. They were cool and took splits on the relay.

Sat- 415pm - 11+ (1:21:30) Met Renee at the Y. It was deciding if it was going to rain or just stay cool. We went out and did a loop I used to do when living in Clifton park.

Sun - 830am - 5m (35:40) neighborhood loop, wanted to get something in before heading to the bday party.

4pm - 8+ (58:35) Bday party was still going strong but it looked to be a break in the rain. I hoped out to my car to change and run some trails at Thatcher state park, very relaxing to be on rolling trails. The rain on the other hand came right back as I started to run.

Summary - 58m in 6 days, no formal workout this week. Just never got it in, had a fun week of training along with some added motivation to get the miles back up.

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