Monday, March 19, 2012

New Bedford Half Marathon

This Sunday was the New Bedford Half Marathon. This was my 3rd time racing this course so i knew what i was in for, We drove down the night before with the ARE team and stayed 1/2 a mile from the start. In the morning myself, Eric and a few others meet up with Hammett, Fyffe and George went out for a easy warm-up. At 11 we were at the starting line and I felt excited to be towing the line with the ARE and the keenyans. I got out relaxed and stayed a few steps behind George, I had the plan of staying relaxed thru 3.5 miles and then us the down hills to get moving. I was able to do this thru 3m the last climb i lost some contact with George i tried to get going on the slight down hill but was not able to get those gears and could see the pack pulling away. Over the next few miles I found myself in a bit of no mans land I was trying to relax and get myself going again, at 7m i could feel some blisters forming on the balls of my feet about at this time I could feel my left calf getting tighter. I had tried to loosen it up the night before but seemed to not get better. From mile 10-13 i was able to try and hang on to a few people going by me, just after the 12m mark i noticed the lead truck for the women pulling up next to me at this point I made as much of a push as i could to make sure to not be caught. I was able to pass a few people at this time. I ended up finishing in 1:18:57 about 4-5 mins slower then i thought.

1147 (4-6)

Overall the splits speak for them self, but thankfully I have a great group of friends who are able to help you look at things from a different view instead of beating myself up over a rough race. After talking to a few people it mad since about why things are not going as well as i was hoping. Over the next couple weeks I have a few races planned out and also going to continue with the training and bump my miles up to the 80's. Also as racing season is starting I plan to get into some 5k's and work on the turn over that i am missing before going back to the longer stuff.


  1. Sounds like a good attitude and plan!

  2. It was a tough day for some of us. Keep plugging away.