Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/19 - 3/25

Mon - 5+(42:10) Went over to Kinn's rd and jumped on the soft trails. Felt good to be on the trails and let the legs recover, found some sweet hills that are close to the house and could be a good place to workout.
Tues - 3m (21:47) Got up for my first morning run of the year, 50 degrees at 5:45am was a great way to start the day.
Pm 10m (1:12:00) Nice easy loop with Eric it was about 78 out which lead to first run on the roads with out a tee shirt which lead to some real cool people yelling from there porches/cars. Other then that legs felt a bit better today then yesterday.
Wed- 0m Travel back to Dover.
Thurs - 9+ 1:04:40 left my house at 930 it was about 55 out felt awesome. After 5m the temp had got up to 70's i didn't think to much about it in the morning but began to struggle with the warm weather and lack of hydration in the morning before the run. Thankfully my brother knew the run i was doing and met me at 7m to drop off some water which helped to get me the last 2+. After words it was to the air port to head to South Carolina.
Fri - 0m
Sat- 0m
Sun - 0m

Overall: Decided to take some days off while in SC, I had shot Pete ( college coach) a email to discuss some of the current issues that i have been having. IE racing, he suggested that i begin to take note of my pulse when i wake up. The first day friday i woke up and was at 54 both saturday and sunday were about the same. We had also talked about the possibility that my body could be tired from the training and losing 25lbs in a short period. With all of that I decided to give myself the 3 days to recover and see how i feel come monday. All in all I have nothing to lose from this if anything i had a good visit to SC, but maybe this will allow my body to be recovered and help my when it comes time to race.

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