Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20 - 2/26

Mon- 10+ (1:04:14) Solid progression run started out at 7:07 for the first mile and began to get into a groove after that. At 6m Eric made a bit of a surge and brought the pace from 6:15 down to 6min pace from there is was just trying to hang on to him. I ended up finishing up with my last to miles in 5:54 and 5:50. Good day
Tues- 8m (1:02:27) Nice and easy today, legs felt a bit sore to start out the run but after about a mile things felt pretty good.
Wed - 10m (track work out) Today we headed over to Shen to meet up with Derrick. We did 6x400 and 6x200 the goal was to stay and control but turn the legs over and get ready for this weekend.
Times: 74/75/73/73/72/73 (got blasted with head wind) 200's: 35/36/34/32/30/31....felt really good today..confidence booster for this weekend.
Thurs - 10m (1:10) Went out on a new loop keeping it relaxed, for some reason my watch didn't feel like working today but it was ok Eric had his, last 10m run of the week other then DH jones.
Fri- 7m (46:00) this was a comfortable run although the on and off showers were not that great.
Sat- 6m (40:36) Ran in putney with Fyffe and Eric
Sun- 16m ( Jones 10m)

Total- 67m

Overall: Good training week 2 good workouts and 1 shitty race. Back to the grind till New bedford

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