Sunday, October 30, 2016

10/24 - 10/30

Mon - Off - Traveling back from FL turned into a much longer day then planned, got home around 6pm and needed to go buy some food for the week.
Tues - 7+ (50:21) around town with Scott
Wed - 10m (Track) 4sets of 800/400 alternating, half rest. Met with Scott and Ricky in the AM to hit the track. Much cooler then last week and a bit more adjusted.
Times: 245/80/245/81/248/81/247/81
Thurs - 9m (1:09:30) thru the backside of town (I think) with Sasha. Still no clue how to navigate around town.
Fri - 9m (1:07:53) Met with Scott, Ricky and Marci. Nice to have a group to meet with in the morning.
Sat - 0 - Traveld to PA with my Mom to see my brothers Rugby game. Decided to travel back that night and forgo the run.
Sun - 10m (1:10:57) Met Coree at the Rockingham rail trail. Nice and relaxed on the trails.

Summary - 45m (5days) Good workout and felt good all week. Miles are still a bit low but nothing to much still getting the miles on the days I am able to run. With a few races coming up before a big gap in racing I'm in no rush to ramp them up until afterwards.

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