Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wk 15

Mon - am 4.5m (35:20) got out around 530 surprisingly warm out. Chrio afterwards.
Pm - 7.5m (1:00) killed the pace today! 

Tues - 10m (62:19) goal of today was 2x20mim tempo's with 3mins rest. Got in a 10m warm up before the first set (3.41m avg 5:52) felt good, this section has some rollers but mainly flat. The 2nd set has some pretty long gradual climbs and some late down hill (3.37m avg 5:55) jogged off a little over a mile back home. Headed down to lifting afterwards

Wed - am 4+m (34:55) 
Pm 8m (57:30) in saratoga with Eric, Shaun and Megan 

Thurs - 15m (track) headed over to Burnt Hill for my workout. Did the normal 3m warm up loop before getting on the track. It was a bit crowded tonight by ppl so frankly rude ppl. Asked for lane 1 and no one beside the 2 10 year old kids acknowledge. Goal was 8x800/400 alternating with half rest. Other then the annoying ppl in lane 1/2 it was pretty windy on the back stretch. 
Times : 2:40/80,2:42/81,2:43/81,2:45/82,2:45/81/2:42/80,2:42/81,2:39/76
After the 5th set everyone was off the track and I felt I was able to lock in. Very happy with this tough workout.

Fri - 10m (72:10) legs were surprising loose today. Was expecting to be pretty sore/tired.

Sat - 11+ (81:20) there it was found the tired legs. Today was tough I was trying to keep it easy but running north of 7:10s felt horrible. Spent some extra time stretching and foam rolling afterwards.

Sun - 14m (1:39) planned for 20m today but didn't happen. Legs were still pretty tired, better then yesterday.

Total - 84m 

Had 2 good workouts, legs were tired the last 2 days of the week but still a very productive week of training.

6 weeks to go!

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