Wednesday, April 29, 2015

James Joyce - race report

4/26 - James Joyce 10k, spent a good part of the morning relaxing at the hotel before heading over to the start with the crew. This race has 2 starts with the masters getting a 3-5min jump on the open field. This differently makes the race interesting, especially in the open field. As we got off the line it was very appearent where the gap was, the chase pack was myself and 1 other runner. As we moved thru the opening mile it crossed my mind to go and try and hang onto the leaders but never made the move. I was feeling a bit off as my legs felt jello like and my upper was very tight, as I moved thru the course I was in and out of masters runners from the start. At 2m the one guy I was running with pushed away and I never covered the move, the next 3m were pure shit! I wasn't going anywhere and felt like I had nothing to give. Somewhere after 5m I finally started to feel loose and began to move up, I caught a few more masters runners and just pressed to the finish. 

I finished up in 36:10 which sucks! I know my fitness is far better then that, on the cooldown Sarah asked if something was wrong? She noted that when she could see me on the course I looked very tight and not running smooth or efficient. I've been noticing that for the past week or so and all I can link it to is the added stress of changing jobs. 

The plus side is even having a bad race I ran close to a minute faster then last year which I also thought was a bad race. With a month to go to VCM that is the only focus, I have some things to workout before then but nothing major!

A few photos from the race thank to Krissy K.

As for my athletes they all ran well! 
Renee - 3rd master
Erin - 9th master
KQ - 5th open (new pr)
Derrick - top 3 (55-60) 

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