Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/13 - 4/19 try something new!

As I finished up last week and started to focus on the upcoming week some thoughts raced thru my mind. First and Formost was miles for the week and workout? I envisioned holding the daily miles from last week and try going above 100m. Hell why not right?

Mon - 5am - 6+ (46:39) met with Jeff and hit the normal loop. He is in the nearing the end of his taper and clearly feeling good. I let him control the run and drag me along.

4pm - 8m (56:40) did a few neighborhood loops before hitting the bike path. Was a bit stiff but loosened up after about 30mins.

Tues- 5pm - 10m (67:33) ran the 1st 5 with Macknight, we caught up (had a 4-5 day stretch of no run or being home at the same time) stopped at the house to stretch a bit then out to finish up solo.

Wed- 5am- 5m (42:00) started out with Jess and Jeff before peeling off to head home.

6pm - 15m (track workout) Met with Jim Sweeny at the UA track. Got in a nice warmup with him and Nick, also saw Lozier and caught up real quick. The plan was 8xmile (6-550) wanted to keep the first 4-6 controlled then try and pick it up on tired legs. I've done extended mile reps before but never more then 6. We took 400 rest between each rep to keep the legs from fully recovering. 
Times: 603/557/553/551/543/536/530/520
Holy hell extremely happy with this workout, and glad I had company during it.

Thurs - 430pm - 13m (1:42:34) Met Shaun at the price chopper in malta and made the trek over to the trail head. We met up with Adam (who was biking) and made our way onto the trails, within 5 mins of being on the trails I stumbled almost went down but caught a tree which may or may not have cut my thumb open. Shaun immediately gave me some shit about not getting hurt (much deserved last summer i managed 3 falls on 1 run)

Fri - 5am - 6+ (53:10) met up with Jeff and Jessy for our normal morning runs. Jeff is closing in on his marathon and looking ready for a huge PR! The run its self was relaxed and pretty warm out. Legs were still tired from wednesdays workout.

430pm - 10++ (track) Met with KQ and Renee at the Shen track, got in a 3m warm up then paced KQ in her workout (mind you I didn't do great at controlling the pace early...oops) It took me a little to get into the workout, my legs seemed to loosen up pretty well and we cruised through.
Times: 602/608/611

Sat - 8am - 18m (2:25:33) Ran from U Albany with Joe B, Joe M, Pat and Newman. The plan was for a rolling hill 12m loop then others would add on. I stayed with Pat and Newman for the 12m loop before breaking off to do some on my own, the temps got up quick on the run. After I had finished 15m I saw Joe B and Joe M fueling up and decided to join them for my last 3m instead of going solo. The legs were off and on today but my hips were really tight, leading me to cut it a little short from the original plan of 20m.
After the run we hit up some brunch at Cafe Madison, I came home for a bit before meeting back up to play 9 holes of golf (haven't played in a while, hooked a few shots off course towards some houses...didn't here any glass break so i'm calling it a win)

Sun - Out the door at 5am to head to Kingston and watch Jeff run his marathon, I had ideas of doing my run while we were down there but once we scoped the course it didn't look like it would pan out. At the start I would guess there were 25-30 ppl between the half and full, we drove out to the 9m mark which is on a rail bed. It looked to be a scenic course but holy hell your running solo with nothing but your own thoughts. It was awesome to see Rich get the win and also see Jeff run a 40 min pr (again running by himself)

6pm - 11m (1:16:10) I had this whole plan to watch the race run then come home and finish off what ever miles I might need. Well no run at the race, then proceeded to come home and sleep for 2-3 hours watch some playoff basketball then convince myself to stope being lazy and get out the door. Surprisingly the legs felt great today, which is a relief I was expecting them to still be sore.

Summary: 103m (new high) really happy with how this week went. Had an awesome workout on wednesday and to come back friday and hold marathon pace is a huge confidence booster, all well getting a new high for miles. With 5 weeks to go I plan on 2 more big weeks before coming down, this next week might be a bit lower 90-95 with the plan to race at James Joyce but I will play the miles by ear on how my legs are feeling.

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