Thursday, April 9, 2015

4/6 - 4/12 Just like new

Last week ended interestingly, with my car breaking down on the trip home. Realistically wasn't that bad, got an extended weekend and saw some of the guys I wouldn't have been able to see other wise.

Mon - planned day off - plenty of traveling and picking up my car. 

Tues - 5am - 3.5m (nt) no need for the watch as I knew I had plenty of time between the run and leaving for work.

430pm - 10+ (1:09:56) felt completely off this whole run, part of why I hate days off. Effort was relaxed and happy with the time, just felt like a fish outta water.

Wed - 5am - 5m (NT) met with Jessy, Jeff , Renee and James at the shen track. Short warm up then paced Jessy thru the 1st 2 repeats of her workout.

6pm - 11m (8x1k - 600r) met Gavs and the rest of the ARE crew at the track. The weather wasn't to bad for a while the last 4 reps were in rain/hail and some other shit! Overall workout went great, took a bit to get comfortable on the track and get into pace. This was planned to be a threshold workout (330-335) started out a bit slow but worked into it nicely.
Times: 340/338/336/333/332/330/327/319
Gavs did every other with me, I asked him to start on the 2nd so I would have help on the last rep if needed. Ended up skipping the cooldown as all my dry stuff got wet and I was freezing!!!

Thurs - 5pm - 10m (1:15:36) with Shaun and Derrick. Did a loop around BL legs and lower back were very tight.

730pm- 1hr massage - holy hell!! Knots on knots on knots...this was painful to say the least.

Fri - 5am - 7m (56:37) normal loop with Jessy and Jeff.

530pm - 8m (1:01:20) in pinebush with the ARE crew, legs are still sore from massage.

Sat - 830am- 15m (1:58:19) met with Renne,KQ, Erin, Dave and Mark on the bike path.

Sun-9am- 21.5m (2:31:13) met with Jim Sweeny at the battlefield preserve with the plan for 20-21m. Felt really good, last few miles were rough climbing back to the car. 

Summary: 91m happy with the miles and getting a day off in there. Had 1 good workout and a solid long run. 6 weeks left! 


  1. Big week last week! Keep it going Goup!

  2. Thanks MC Glenn!! Hoping for a huge pay off