Wednesday, April 1, 2015

3/30 - 3/5

Mon - 5am - 8m (1:03:17) holy crew this morning!!! This was a blast to cruise with everyone this morning..legs felt good, almost had a fall on some ice.
W/ Jessy, Jeff, Renee and KQ

530pm - 5m (36:20) Woof!! I slacked off on hydrating through the day an ate like shit!! Payed for it on the run today felt horrible for 3+ miles.

Tues - 430pm - 14m (6xhills rd) 1/2m climb. Met up with Jessy for a warm up and both hit the hills for our workouts. Felt really smooth and strong on the climbs, I had 1 slight bitch out moment on the 5th rep. After that i was back in service and pissed at myself for being a bitch on the previous rep.
Times: 257/254/257/256/258/253
Through 4 that was close to my best workout, being able to hold it for 2 more was awesome!

Wed- 5am - 6.5m (52:17) met with the normal crew today and was able to get the first half of their run done. Calfs were tired to start but quickly loosened up.

6pm- 7.5m (53:54) started out solo until I spotted Macknight on his way home. Turned around to move my car and gain some company on the run. Was interesting weather, warm in spots and cold in others depending on the wind.

Thurs - 4pm - 13m (1:28:02) overall just a weird day. Was called into work at 140am came home late morning to try and sleep. Was feeling the lack of sleep before the run..but it was almost 70 out!

Fri - 5am - 8.5m (1:05) met Jessy and jeff did 3x30/60/90. Was surprisingly warm out this morning.

530pm - 7.5m (45:46) second workout. 3x30/60/90 legs were pretty tired but was able to push on the pick ups.

Sat - 8am - 19m (2:16:57) in Athens VT with Ferenc. Awesome run on some dirt roads. 

Sun - 9am - 11m (1:20:10) was pretty sore walking around this morning but once I was out the door everything felt good. Had one stop when i noticed a boxer an Doberman in the road (great) the owner quickly called them into the house, but not before I was able to notice the boxer was blind..much like my own dog. Overall nice an quite on the back roads.

Summary - 100m really good week with 2 good workouts and a relaxing long run. Feeling very strong these past few weeks. Next week will be a bit down with a day off tomorrow..unless the news from my car comes back really bad (might have to blow off some steam) a little back log - my car broke down Saturday morning on my ride, luckily I was close to Ferenc's house. Was a good start to the day! 

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