Friday, May 1, 2015

4/27 - 5/3

Been a little delayed this week with getting my posts up. The change in jobs has had me pretty busy.

Mon - 630am - 5m (NT) legs were pretty tired this morning.

430pm - 5m (NT) I knew I was still feeling sore and tired, I opted to leave the watch at home and not worry about it. Afterwards enjoyed a nice ice bath.

Tues - 530am - 10m (72:56) had a later start time today and knew I had a company get together in the afternoon which I would be at till 8pm. 

Wed - 630pm - 13+ (3m/2m/1m - 1m recovery) first day at the remediation site plus some paperwork at home lead to a late start. The goal was to be in the 3 ranges of marathon pace (AB and C goals) 3m @620 pace / 2m @610pace and 1m @600. I have some slight mixed feeling on this workout, I couldn't settle into any of the paces and found myself running faster than planned for all set. The plus side is it felt very relaxed and easy. 
Times  - 18:27(609pace) / 11:51(5:55pace) / 5:31
The recovery miles were 7:14/7:12
On the final mile I gave in a bit and allowed myself to open it up a bit while staying under control.

Thurs - 615pm - 5+ (38:40) in the pinebush with Mulford

730pm. - 5m (38:10) solo from the house. Felt very tired on this go, I was going to do the whole run on trails but they had some shut down for a control burn so I didn't want to get lost.

Fri - 5am - 5m (42:21) really tired this morning. 

515pm - 7m (51:06) in pisgah with the one and only Hammett..found out we would be out of work early and needed a run I shot Greg a text and met at his place for a run. Was great to catch up and get on the trails.

Sat - off - had plenty of time to run but chose to hangout and do stuff around the house with my dad instead.

Sun- 530pm - 19.3m (2:07:08) Drove back from NH, and hung out for a bit before heading out for my long run. Really didn't have anything planned just knew I wanted somewhere between 18-20. It was fairly warm out so I opted for loops that would pass by the house and staged some gels and water. Did the first 13+m solo and felt very relaxed, the last 5m Derrick joined for. This was the first time I really noticed the pace, Derricks usually able to hold a full conversation on runs and today wasn't talking to much. It was noted a few times about the pace but at that point I wasn't backing off. Overall was very happy with this run and gave some added confidence with VCM right around the corner.

Summary - 75m (6days) pretty happy with this week, starting to adjust to the new job and finding that my focus is coming back. Looking forward to these next couple weeks but also wondering what I'm going to do with this added free time?

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